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New Developments in OTT

Strategic Targeting Capabilities

For the longest time TV advertisers have targeted general demographics like age and gender, thus hindering their ability to really drill down to the specific audiences they want. With the introduction of targeting programmatically, you’re able to utilize the same data rich sources like you get in display advertising, which gives you the ability to target audiences based on interests and categories of behavior.

An Ever-Growing Amount of Inventory

As streaming becomes more and more appealing to consumers, more and more content produces are making their content available to consumers.  This means that the amount and variety of content that can be accessed via streaming continues to grow every day.  It’s valuable to advertisers because it will continue to attract more audience volume and diversity in this arena.

Sequential Messaging

Here’s how it works. With retargeting your OTT audience programmatically, you can retarget households after being exposed to an ad.  So, when it comes to sequential messaging, we can advertise messages in a chapter by chapter related model. For example, if a household saw ad “1”, then we now know that it’s time to show them ad 2.  This gives viewers a new perception of your message and brand, and allows them to the follow a longer advertisement through its entirety.   Household extension targeting via tv viewership data gives us the ability to be strategic and provide a series of creative advertisements.

Attribution Tracking on a New Frontier.

With full attribution tracking, we can see the full path from OTT viewership to the website visit to the conversion.  Now as an advertiser, you can finally close the loop from television to digital and fully understand the user story across all touch points.