Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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Award-Winning Connected TV

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The Benefits of Programmatic CTV With Strategus

We provide access to a breadth of inventory across hundreds of publishers to ensure that your ads get seen by the right viewers. 


Skip the guessing and target exactly who you’re marketing to regardless of what they’re watching — rather than tying your campaigns to a specific publisher or channel.


Conduct audience-based decisions without being beholden to a single inventory source and gain full visibility across the entire CTV ecosystem.

Minimize Ad Waste

Gain access to the robust attribution and measurement tools available rather than being stuck in a walled garden that lacks transparency.

Strategus CTV Premium Inventory 

With Strategus, you can be sure that your ads will run in the right places. Our vast library of premium inventory spans 200+ publishers that dominate the media landscape and more than 843 individual deal IDs.


The 15- and 30-second video ads that we place on these apps and platforms look a lot like traditional TV commercials. But because they’re purchased programmatically, we’re able to target ideal buyers and measure the outcomes in ways that only digital strategies can achieve.


This audience-centric approach ensures that marketers reach the right audience no matter where they’re tuning into — while easily scaling across the CTV ecosystem.

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Our customers’ ads are only placed within high-quality content from sought-after publishers like HGTV and Discovery.


We require that shows and movies be 22 minutes in length or longer to reach captivated viewers. 

Not User-Generated

User-generated content falls outside of the realm of premium CTV, so we only serve ads on professionally produced content.

Where will
my ads run?

It’s important to understand where your CTV ads will run. After all, the YouTube ads that play while users are searching for music videos are a whole lot different from the commercials that air during live sporting events consumed on the living room TV. Truly premium CTV inventory should be non-skippable, professionally produced, and long-form.

When you partner with Strategus, you can be sure that your ads are placed alongside inventory that meets the following requirements.

Target Viewers, Not Channels

The future of TV advertising is centered around the viewer. That’s why at Strategus, we’re committed to the content-agnostic power of programmatic CTV.


It’s simple: The programmatic ecosystem provides access to all of the inventory, data, and attribution solutions available — resulting in more sophisticated and measurable CTV campaigns.


Learn more about the living room ad experiences that our team can design and execute by contacting us today.


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Learn More About Strategus’ Capabilities:

Cross-Device Retargeting

Extend your reach by seamlessly retargeting audiences across devices, enhancing CTV campaign continuity.


Measure your CTV campaign success with precise attribution tools, linking ad exposure to outcomes.


Utilize advanced targeting on CTV to reach your ideal audience with precision and relevance.

24/7 Reporting

Gain insights anytime with round-the-clock reporting, optimizing your CTV campaigns with real-time data.

Programmatic CTV

Harness the power of automation in CTV advertising for efficient, real-time ad buying and placement.