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Audience Targeting Is Complex

You need to reach the right viewers in the most efficient way possible. But integrating with countless data providers, activating your own CRM data, and maintaining compliance is no simple task.

Strategus Makes It Simple

We’ve built an ecosystem of 200+ data providers to achieve the perfect balance of precision and scale. Rather than targeting a generic buyer, we’ll customize your audience through a layered approach that achieves harmony between first- and third-party insight to drive campaign results.   

CTV Targeting Benefits

Reach Buyers Anywhere

By replacing the content-specific approach of linear TV advertising with an audience-centric strategy, you let the data do the heavy lifting to find your viewers no matter what they’re watching.

Deliver Relevant Messaging

Different messages resonate with different buyers. CTV targeting allows you to customize your ads based on who sees them and where they’re at in the buyer’s journey. 

Minimize Ad Waste

By only paying for ads that reach your desired audience, you eliminate wasteful ad impressions served to the wrong viewers — all while boosting performance with more relevant experiences.


Website Retargeting

Re-engage warm leads on the big screen and lure online shopper back to their abandoned carts. This keeps your brand top of mind after leads step away from the computer.


First-Party Data

Leverage customer data from your CRM to deliver personalized CTV ads directly to your contacts’ living rooms. 



Expand your reach by building custom lookalike audiences. This powerful tactic is our second-best performer for driving results.


ACR Data Targeting

Reach specific households based on their TV viewing habits and interests for precise audience alignment. This could mean showing an ad for a Lexus convertible on its way to a golf course to a viewer who regularly watches live golf.


Location-Based Retargeting

Reconnect with users who‘ve visited your stores — or conquest foot traffic from competitor locations. Both are powerful tactics to translate physical touchpoints into digital engagement.


Smart Audience Contextual

Reach consumers actively researching your services by targeting viewers based on the websites they’ve been visiting and keywords they’ve been typing into Google.


Amazon Data Targeting

Leverage Amazon purchase data to reach consumers actively shopping for products related to your campaign. For instance, a person who often purchases gluten-free products may see and commercial for a local health store.


Linear TV Extension

Bridge the gap between your linear TV campaigns and CTV by targeting households exposed to your TV ads for increased reach and frequency. A combination of both mediums ensures that your efforts aren’t siloed.

Define Your Audience

The first step is to define your target audience using criteria ranging from age and location to interests and online activity. 

Bid Impressions

After your audience parameters are shared with a DSP, the platform automatically bids for impressions when users who meet your criteria tune into a show.

Serve Ads to Relevant Viewers

The highest bidder wins the impression, giving viewers a seamless and relevant commercial experience. Data is also collected whenever your ads play for future retargeting and attribution.

How Does CTV Ad Targeting Work?

Programmatic CTV ads are purchased on a per-viewer basis rather than being tied to the content itself. The process relies on a complex ecosystem of data providers and automated auctions. In a nutshell, it involves three steps.

Choosing the Right Data Type

There are two powerful sources of data in the digital advertising world.

First-Party Data

  • Internal
  • Collected from users who’ve interacted with your brand
  • Provides insight into customers and leads who know your company
  • Great for cross-selling, retargeting previous buyers, and reaching cold leads

Third-Party Data

  • External
  • Collected from various sources and compiled for marketing purposes
  • Provides insight into the market at large and potential segments
  • Great for conquesting,  identifying new buyers, and enhancing targeting strategies

When you partner with Strategus, we’ll work with you to identify the perfect mix of data sources and targeting solutions to deliver high-performance CTV campaigns with measurable results.

Setting clear campaign goals

Before you narrow down your audience, you’ll want to align on campaign goals. Are you trying to reach new buyers with an awareness campaign, or lure previous buyers back into your store? Each will require different data sources, creative, and metrics.

Going beyond basic demographics

Standard data about gender or location doesn’t provide a lot of insight. Identifying more motivation-based attributes of your buyer personas will allow you to craft ads that answer their needs.

Avoiding overly narrow targeting

While running generic campaigns to broad audiences is inefficient, getting overly narrow can also limit your success. Finding the sweet spot is key to driving results.

Utilizing CTV cross-device retargeting

Your TV ads shouldn’t be a one-and-done effort. On the contrary, they should be linked with efforts to reach the same viewers multiple times by retargeting on other channels and devices.

Powerful CTV Targeting. Measurable Results.

Tired of wasting impressions and delivering broad messages? Rely on our data-driven approach and custom targeting solutions to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message.


At Strategus, we go beyond basic demographics to pinpoint exactly who sees your ad — ensuring that every impression drives engagement and action. Our in-house team combined data from tech partners across the ecosystem with expertise from executing 60,000+ CTV campaigns to craft compelling targeting strategies based on your goals. 


It’s simple. We don’t just deliver ads, we deliver results.

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Learn More About Strategus’ Capabilities:

Cross-Device Retargeting

Extend your reach by seamlessly retargeting audiences across devices, enhancing CTV campaign continuity.


Measure your CTV campaign success with precise attribution tools, linking ad exposure to outcomes.

24/7 Reporting

Gain insights anytime with round-the-clock reporting, optimizing your CTV campaigns with real-time data.

Premium Inventory

Elevate your campaigns with premium, high-impact inventory.

Programmatic CTV

Harness the power of automation in CTV advertising for efficient, real-time ad buying and placement.