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What Do Our CTV Services Include?

We take care of everything that goes into CTV advertising, eliminating the burden on your team.


Programmatic CTV Services

Our people augment your team from day one to design and execute customized campaigns that are monitored and optimized in real time.


Precise Targeting

We take targeting beyond standard demographics like location and income to narrow viewers down based on shopping habits, hobbies, and more.


Premium Inventory

Our vast library of brand-safe inventory ensures that your ads play on the most important screen in the household: the living room TV.


Customized Attribution

With an evolving roster of attribution solutions customized to your goals, we illustrate the impact of your ads and how your viewers progress through the conversion funnel. 


CTV Cross-Device Retargeting

Using cross-device retargeting, we build awareness through CTV and then drive conversions across supplementary channels like display ads and streaming audio. 


24/7 Reporting

Our reporting dashboard — with flexible APIs and custom feeds — provides real-time insight into engagement and conversions by audience segment, ROI tracking, and more.

What Are the Benefits of CTV Advertising?

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Elevate Your Brand on the Big Screen

CTV advertising places your brand on the largest screen in the household, capturing the viewer's full attention. With sight, sound, and motion, your brand comes to life — making a memorable impact in the comfort of the viewer's home.

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Manage Ad Frequency With Multi-Publisher Control

By capping ad frequency, you’re able to prevent ad fatigue and enhance the viewer experience. Our vendor-agnostic services also make it easy to conduct measurements across 200+ publishers and identify how your audience reacts, all without being beholden to one inventory source.

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Drive Advertising
Success With Data

Because CTV is digital, it enables targeting and attribution that traditional TV advertising can’t match. This allows you to reach the right audience with personalized messages, gain insight into how each ad contributes to your campaign's success, and adapt on the fly based on what the data reveals.

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Never Waste an Ad Dollar 

Because CTV ads are purchased on a per-viewer basis, you can ensure your dollars are spent efficiently. The lower cost of entry makes it possible for a variety of brands to enter the TV advertising space, while drastically outperforming the spray-and-pray approach of traditional broadcast.

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Deliver Seamless Experiences Across Screens and Devices 

Our cross-device retargeting capabilities keep your audience connected across every screen. After potential customers see your ad on the living room TV, we reengage them with follow-up ads across other devices and channels, reinforcing your message and driving conversions.

What Can You Expect From CTV Managed Services?

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  • tick_icon Our CTV experts partner with you to design and execute customized campaigns.
  • tick_icon We assist with training your staff and pitching to clients, while also providing access to high-quality inventory.
  • tick_icon Instant access to our dedicated team makes it easy to scale as your CTV needs grow.
  • tick_icon We monitor and optimize in-flight campaigns to ensure success.
  • tick_icon You gain access to our 24/7 reporting dashboard, as well as custom reports for you or your clients.

Self-Service DSP

  • Your in-house team determines strategy and campaign design — a full-time job in its own right.
  • Inventory is limited in the initial media purchasing stages, and staff knowledge about CTV best practices may be lacking.
  • Minimum fees, the compounding costs of add-ons, and investment in training internal staff all drive up CPM.
  • Your team is tasked with monitoring performance and adapting campaigns accordingly, which often requires juggling multiple dashboards and reporting systems.


From client pitches and sales training to ad operations and reporting, we act as your agency’s white-labeled CTV partner — delivering measurable results that your clients can see.


Leading marketers team up with us to drive brand growth and quantify ROI at every touch point, without getting bogged down in the complexities of CTV advertising.

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Who Do We Serve?

We’ve partnered with 700+ advertisers on both the agency and brand side. Business owners, media buyers, CMOs, and more partner with us to extend their teams — delivering comprehensive CTV campaigns with ongoing support.


What’s the difference between CTV and OTT advertising?

While connected TV (CTV) refers to the smart TVs used to stream content, over the top (OTT) refers to the way that content is delivered over the internet. These terms are often used interchangeably, but the main distinction comes down to how this content is consumed. With CTV advertising, marketers gain access to premium ad spaces on the big-screen TV. OTT, on the other hand, refers to all multimedia content streamed to every device — including TikTok videos viewed on smartphones, YouTube clips on laptops, and more.

What is a CTV device?

A CTV device is any internet-connected television device that enables streaming, including smart TVs, gaming consoles like Xbox, and set-top boxes like Roku.

Who is a cord cutter?

Cord cutters are TV viewers who cut ties with expensive cable and satellite services in favor of flexible streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube TV, and Tubi. This term will soon describe the majority of households, with less than 50% of US homes expected to pay for traditional TV in 2025.

How does CTV advertising work?

CTV advertising relies on an automated system that optimizes ad prices and placements. Also called programmatic targeting, this allows marketers to pinpoint their ideal buyers rather than taking the spray-and-pray approach of traditional TV advertising. What’s more, because these ads are served in data-rich digital environments, marketers can then measure the outcomes of each ad and retarget the same viewers across supplementary channels. Because CTV ads are purchased on a per-viewer basis, marketers only pay for actual views using cost per mile (CPM) rates.

What KPIs are used to measure CTV advertising?

Measuring the performance of such complex campaigns requires advanced marketing attribution and reporting capabilities. While metrics about things like video completion rate (VCR) are widespread in the CTV advertising world, marketers need to dig deeper to tie ad impressions to revenue. The right attribution points to track will depend on your campaign goals, which is why it’s a good idea to work with a CTV ad partner like Strategus that offers a full suite of customizable attribution solutions. From there, agencies and brands should also track conversion rates, click-through rates, return on ad spend (ROAS), geoperformance, and more — ideally through a 24/7 reporting dashboard so that campaigns can be optimized based on real-time data.

What types of creative are needed for a CTV advertising campaign?

In order to go beyond just a brand play and drive conversions with your CTV campaigns, using a clear call-to-action is essential. This could be encouraging viewers to stop by a local store, visit your website, or scan a QR code that’s embedded into the commercial. Additionally, you'll want to align with technical specs for the length (15 or 30 seconds), file format (MP4), and resolution (1080 p). See our Guide to CTV Best Practices and download our Ad Specs Companion to learn more.

How can brands ensure ad viewability on CTV?

The CTV ecosystems is complex, spanning countless tech providers, content publishers, and aggregators. To ensure that your ad reaches target viewers, you either need in-house expertise and resources or a managed service partner like Strategus. Reporting dashboards also help ensure ad viewability by quantifying metrics like ad impressions and video completion rate (VCR).

Are CTV ads skippable?

Unlike OTT ads on YouTube, CTV ads can not be skipped, which is why video completion rates (VRC) are more of a vanity metric that should always be high. This is also what makes CTV advertising so effective — non-skippable video ads play to viewers invested in the content, making the message stand out and stay top-of-mind

What’s the future of CTV?

Ad-supported streaming is the future of TV. For this reason, all agencies and brands should be thinking about CTV advertising. It’s also a more affordable channel than traditional TV advertising, bringing small local businesses into the fold. We expect AI to fu rther automate programmatic ad buying in the future — which will result in hyper-personalization, ultra-dynamic creative, and real-time testing at scale.

How do I choose a CTV services provider?

Taking full advantage of the vast CTV ecosystem requires operating from a tech- and data-agnostic standpoint. Rather than relying on a single programmatic platform, it’s a good idea to find a managed service partner like Strategus that can help take the complexity out of CTV advertising while connecting you with multiple different tech and data providers. To learn more about choosing a CTV services provider, check out our guide, 15 Questions to Ask Your CTV Ad Partner.

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CTV advertising has become a crucial part of the media mix — allowing marketers to pinpoint their audience and drive conversions by retargeting viewers across supplementary channels. But getting CTV right requires expertise and resources. That’s why agencies and brands partner with Strategus to deliver effective campaigns that make the most out of their investment.


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