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Why Choose Strategus for Your Agency?

CTV is a key part of today’s media mix. It’s also more targeted, affordable, and trackable than traditional TV advertising, making it a no-brainer for brands in every industry.


Whether you’re looking to expand your TV efforts to reach cord-cutters or explore new digital marketing channels, CTV advertising is the place to start.

Extend Your Team
Let us do the heavy lifting. Our managed services approach means that our dedicated CTV experts care of campaign strategy, execution, optimization, and reporting.


Wow Your Clients
Don’t just check the CTV box. Rely on Strategus to run sophisticated campaigns that start with the living room TV and drive conversions for your clients across supplementary channels.


Simplify Campaign Management
Remove silos across vendors and platforms. As your full-service partner, we’ll take care of the nitty-gritty and deliver a single dashboard for visibility into every channel that your ads run.


Drive CTV Innovation
The CTV ecosystem changes daily. With 8+ years of experience delivering 60,000+ campaigns, we’re always adapting and delivering first-to-market solutions for targeting and attribution.
Scale Your Business
Instant access to our team of experts makes it easy to scale. Whether you’re building a CTV offering from the ground up or looking to augment your team to support growth, Strategus is the answer.


Small and Medium-Sized Agencies

Think of us as an extension of your internal team. We’ll partner with you on all things CTV — so you can focus on the services you do best. 

Large Agencies

Looking for an extra layer of support or the nuanced expertise required for complex campaigns? Let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

Solutions for Agencies of All Shapes & Sizes

As your full-service partner, we do it all: training your team, pitching to clients, executing cross-device retargeting campaigns, and creating custom reports.

Your CTV Needs, Solved

We take a consultative approach to turn your CTV efforts into an omnichannel strategy.

I don’t have time to add
another vendor to the mix.

More vendors, more problems — right? Wrong. Our managed services approach makes it a breeze to deliver on your clients’ CTV needs without  taking on any additional work.
  • Augment and scale your team with our CTV experts.
  • Outsource CTV planning, execution, monitoring, and optimization.
  • Rely on us to educate your clients and answer questions along the way.

My clients’ ads need to run 

on brand-safe inventory.

Your clients’ reputation is precious, which is why we ensure that ads only appear alongside relevant and trusted content. This is achieved through a combo of hyper-targeting, premium inventory, frequency capping, and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Gain access non-skippable, professionally produced, long-form inventory.
  • Delivery built-in brand safety through partnerships with WhiteOps and Device Atlas.
  • Rely on us for proactive monitoring and 24/7 visibility via our reporting dashboard.

I need to be seen as the CTV expert.

Need help pitching to clients? No problem. Struggling to educate your team on CTV advertising? We’ll take care of it. With Strategus, you get to be your clients’ hero and drive innovation with ease.
  • Stay in the know on industry trends.
  • Rely on us for guidance on best practices and first-to-market solutions.
  • Gain the expertise gathered from delivering 60,000+ CTV campaigns.

I want to minimize complexity
across digital marketing channels.

Having siloed vendors for CTV, display advertising, streaming audio, and more leads to a disjointed experience. That’s why we execute holistic, omnichannel strategies that reduce the disconnect of using different vendors for each medium.
  • Make your CTV ads as clickable as possible with retargeting.
  • Deliver an integrated experience across devices and channels.
  • Gain visibility as leads progress down the funnel.

Different clients have
different reporting

Whether your clients need direct access our reporting dashboard, custom attribution modeling, or flexible APIs for data sharing, we’ll work with you to tie CTV campaigns to results.
  • Build custom attribution models aligned with client goals.
  • Use our white-label dashboard internally and externally.
  • Rely on us to create custom reports based on client requests.

My agency is growing
faster than I can resource.

Business growth often hinges on determining which capabilities should be supported in-house vs. outsourced. And because CTV advertising is a full-time job in its own right, managed services like Strategus helps alleviate growing pains without stifling scale.
  • Get instant access to a team of CTV experts.
  • Future-proof your agency with a simple solution.
  • Fill in knowledge gaps across client verticals with our breadth of experience.

What Do Our CTV Services Include?

We take care of everything that goes into CTV advertising, eliminating the burden on your team.


CTV Services

Our people augment your team from day one to design and execute customized campaigns that are monitored and optimized in real time.



We take targeting beyond standard demographics like location and income to narrow viewers down based on shopping habits, hobbies, and more.



Our vast library of brand-safe inventory ensures that your ads play on the most important screen in the household: the living room TV.



With an evolving roster of attribution solutions customized to your goals, we illustrate the impact of your ads and how your viewers progress through the conversion funnel. 


CTV Cross-Device

Using cross-device retargeting, we build awareness through CTV and then drive conversions across supplementary channels like display ads and streaming audio. 



Our reporting dashboard — with flexible APIs and custom feeds — provides real-time insight into engagement and conversions by audience segment, ROI tracking, and more.

Integrate CTV With Other Digital Channels.

Your CTV capabilities should complement the media campaigns you’re already planning. That’s why our focus doesn’t stop at the living room TV. Our CTV cross-device retargeting supports full-funnel tactics across mediums to maximize ROI for your clients.

Online Video
Reach previous viewers of CTV ads on YouTube and other online video services.
Display Ads
Give users an opportunity to click through to your website by running display ads on relevant websites.
Streaming Audio
Retarget potential buyers on music and podcast platforms.
Digital Out of Home
Place your ads on digital signage to connect with buyers outside of the home.
Increase conversions more than 200%  versus CTV only


with ctv


with cross-device retargeting


with an industry-leading attribution suite

The Go-To CTV Partner
for Top-Notch Agencies

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With Strategus

CTV advertising is a powerful channel. But running effective campaigns is complex and requires hands-on resources.


From ad operations and reporting to client pitches and sales training, we’ll act as your agency’s white-labeled CTV partner — delivering measurable results that your clients can see.


Find out why media buyers and agency owners partner with Strategus. Contact us today.


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