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The Living Room TV Is Where It All Starts

CTV ads run on the most important screen in the house: the living room TV. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect laptops and smartphones. Why? The digital nature of CTV advertising makes it possible to retarget the same users on other devices, thus driving conversions in clickable environments.

Retargeting Turns CTV Into a Performance Channel

We take a unique approach to CTV advertising that combines big-screen ads with retargeting across the programmatic ecosystem. By perfecting the delivery of omnichannel campaigns across digital touchpoints, we drive campaign performance and brand affinity, a.k.a. results.

Retarget Your Audience Across All Screens


increase conversions by


versus ctv-only strategies


with CTV


with cross-device


with an industry-leading attribution suite

The Benefits of CTV Retargeting 

When combined with a down-funnel strategy that delivers the best message at each touchpoint, CTV retargeting keeps your brand top-of-mind until a buyer is ready to convert.

Go Beyond Awareness

While traditional TV advertising only delivers on brand lift, CTV retargeting transforms the living room TV into a performance channel that drives results.

Multi-Device Experience

Every customer touchpoint should build on the last interactions. CTV retargeting does just that by delivering the best message at each step of the journey.

Double Conversions

Retargeting drives action by allowing users to click through to your website while actively engaging online — increasing conversions by more than 200%.

Connect All The Dots

With the right marketing
attribution and reporting capabilities, you’ll gain the insight needed to tie ad impressions to revenue.

Retarget Viewers on Every Screen and Device

The average household now has 16 connected devices. And because it can take seven or more exposures to a brand before customers are ready to buy, integrating all of these devices into a cohesive strategy is key to converting prospects.

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Connected TV

Results You Can Count On

Hackard Law


Return On Investment

Babcock Ranch


Online Conversions

Ford Dealer


Revenue Generated

Turn Big Screen Exposure Into Multi-Device Conversions

Omnichannel retargeting is the future of TV advertising — driving substantial improvements in the revenue generated from ad spend. But to get it right, you either need a CTV-first partner like Strategus or substantial in-house resources and CTV expertise.


So what are you waiting for? Find out how we can work with you to develop omnichannel campaigns that build awareness on the living room TV and then drive conversions across supplementary channels.


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Learn More About Strategus’ Capabilities:

24/7 Reporting

Gain insights anytime with round-the-clock reporting, optimizing your CTV campaigns with real-time data.


Measure your CTV campaign success with precise attribution tools, linking ad exposure to outcomes.


Utilize advanced targeting on CTV to reach your ideal audience with precision and relevance.

Programmatic CTV

Harness the power of automation in CTV advertising for efficient, real-time ad buying and placement.

Premium Inventory

Elevate your campaigns with premium, high-impact inventory.