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Why Choose Strategus for Your Brand?

CTV is a key part of today’s media mix. It’s also more targeted, affordable, and trackable than traditional TV advertising, making it a no-brainer for brands in every industry.


Whether you’re looking to expand your TV efforts to reach cord-cutters or explore new digital marketing channels, CTV advertising is the place to start.


It’s Targeted.

CTV ads are purchased on a per-viewer basis — letting you reach ideal customers with targeted messaging that resonates with their interests.


It’s Actionable.

The digital nature of CTV makes it possible to retarget viewers across other channels and devices, thereby increasing conversions by more than 200%.


It’s Cost-Effective.

CTV lets both big brands and small local businesses run ads on TV by minimizing the ad spend associated with linear media buying.


It’s Measurable.

Rather than crossing your fingers that a campaign is successful, CTV provides data-driven insights and attribution — tying ad dollars to results.

Your CTV Needs, Solved

We take a consultative approach to turn your CTV efforts into an omnichannel strategy.

I don’t have the in-house resources or expertise to dabble with CTV.

Getting CTV advertising right is a full-time job — and one that requires the right expertise and technology. The Strategus managed services approach is a perfect fit for marketing teams looking to tap into this channel without getting caught up in the complexities. 
  • Augment and scale your team with our CTV experts.
  • Outsource CTV planning, execution, monitoring, and optimization.
  • Rely on us to educate your team and answer questions along the way.

My advertising efforts need to be tied to lower funnel results.

Without measurable conversions, purchases, and brand lift, TV advertising can feel like an exercise in futility. Luckily, our 24/7 reporting dashboard and advanced attribution solutions make quantifying ROAS a breeze.
  • Build omnichannel campaigns that are customized to your goals.
  • Make your CTV ads actionable by retargeting with clickable ads.
  • Paint the attribution picture across multiple touchpoints.

I want to deliver a seamless advertising experience across channels.

Having siloed vendors for CTV, display advertising, streaming audio, and more leads to a disjointed experience. That’s why we execute holistic, omnichannel strategies that reduce the disconnect of using different vendors for each medium.
  • Make your CTV ads as clickable as possible with retargeting.
  • Deliver an integrated experience across devices and channels.
  • Gain visibility as leads progress down the funnel.

My budget makes it challenging to compete with big-name brands.

While local cable channels can be costly (and inefficient) to advertise on, the same isn’t true of CTV. We work with brands to purchase ads on a per-viewer basis — meaning you only pay for ads that reach your ideal buyers.
  • Become a household name in your region without breaking the bank.
  • Eliminate the wasted ad spend of linear broadcasting.
  • Increase market share and compete against big brands.

Vendors I’ve worked with in the past haven’t understood my business.

Outsourcing is a must when resources are limited, but success often depends on true partnership. That’s why we roll up our sleeves and deliver custom solutions based on your goals and business model.
  • Let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.
  • Use your first-party data to inform our targeting strategy.
  • Rely on us to monitor, test, and optimize for each audience segment.

I don’t want to waste money advertising to the wrong audience.

The spray-and-pray approach of linear TV often misses the mark. But with CTV, you’re able to go beyond standard demographics and reach the right audience with personalized messages.
  • Narrow down viewers based on interests, shopping habits, and more.
  • Retarget prospects from your contact list.
  • Create sophisticated campaigns combining first- and third-party data.

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Learn why brands trust Strategus to deliver their CTV campaigns.

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Strategus is a pioneer in developing and delivering programmatic Connected TV and they’ve been a strategic partner for us. Our campaigns have been successful and we plan many more.
Mark Hackard
Hackard Law
Marketing Director
It was always hard to track the impact of our ads that ran on ESPN or NBC NightlyNews, Working with Strategus, we’re now able to report data showing how many people saw our spots, how many took the next step and went to our website,and what percentage of those engagements resulted in transactions. This has really helped quantify our ROI.
Brian Bowsher
University Of Washington
Associate Athletic Director

Integrate CTV With Other Digital Channels.

Your CTV capabilities should complement the media campaigns you’re already planning. That’s why our focus doesn’t stop at the living room TV. Our CTV c ross-device retargeting supports full-funnel tactics across mediums to maximize ROI for your clients.

Online Video
Reach previous viewers of CTV ads on YouTube and other online video services.
Display Ads
Give users an opportunity to click through to your website by running display ads on relevant websites.
Streaming Audio
Retarget potential buyers on music and podcast platforms.
Digital Out of Home
Place your ads on digital signage to connect with buyers outside of the home.
Increase conversions more than
versus CTV only


with ctv


with cross-device retargeting


with an industry-leading attribution suite

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Leading marketers and business owners rely on Strategus to drive brand growth with CTV advertising. Our managed services approach allows us to take a consultative approach to design and deliver targeted, full-funnel campaigns  — without getting caught up in the complexities of CTV advertising.


The outcome? Effective CTV campaigns that make the most out of your investment. All backed by results you can see in real time.

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