Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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Campaigns Run Around the Clock…

Are you stuck with end-of-month reports that offer limited visibility across campaign channels? Demand more. You need detailed reporting and 24/7 transparency — ideally with all of your attribution and performance metrics consolidated in one place.

And So Should Your Reporting. 

With Strategus as your CTV partner, you get a dashboard with dynamic insight into every aspect of campaign performance. But that’s not all. We analyze the results and schedule reporting calls as needed to make personalized recommendations that maximize results.

Industry-Leading CTV Reporting and Measurement  

Get a play-by-play on campaign results with real-time reporting on key metrics — moving from the big picture to KPIs. Check out a few of those metrics below.


We get to know you, your brand, your goals, and your audience. Because our team becomes an extension of yours, getting in sync is where it all starts.

Video Completion Rate

Once your target buyers and KPIs have been pinned down, we develop a multi-channel strategy that’s personalized to your business needs.


Our CTV experts augment your team by executing customized campaigns and monitoring the data, so you can focus on what you do best. 

Click-Through Rate

We provide all the tools needed to quantify ROI and understand your customers’ journey — including a 24/7 dashboard and evolving roster of attribution solutions.


CTV advertising is dynamic and can be changed on a dime. That’s why the Strategus team continuously optimizes your campaigns based on real-time data.

Conversion Rate

Instant access to our team of experts allows you to ask any questions, make any changes, and scale your campaigns as your CTV advertising needs grow.

Dive Deep and Make Smart Decisions

Go beyond surface metrics. Our in-depth reporting capabilities unlock granular levels of understanding. Analyze campaigns, devices, audiences, geo-targeting, creative variations, and even attribution with laser focus.

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Campaign Report

Drill down into specific campaigns and pinpoint areas for improvement.

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Device-Level Reporting

Understand which devices your customers are using and ad performance across screens.

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Compare metrics across geographic regions and refine your targeting strategy.

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Audience Reporting

See how your message resonated with different viewers by diving into audience segments.

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Tactic Breakdown

Analyze the effectiveness
of different targeting tactics, cross-channel strategies, 
and more.

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Attribution Tracking

Illustrate how leads progress down the path to purchase with attribution modeling tailored to your goals.

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Creative-Level Breakdown

Measure the performance of individual ad variations to discover the creative elements that perform best.

Our Reporting Dashboard

Your Advertising Compass


Working with Strategus, we’re now able to report data showing how many people saw our spots, how many took the next step and went to our website,and what percentage of those engagements resulted in transactions. This has really helped quantify our ROI.

Brian Bowsher

University Of Washington Associate Athletic Director

Track Every Step of 
Your CTV Journey 
With Strategus

Don't settle for guesswork. With our 24/7 reporting dashboard, you get real-time insight, transparency across publishers, and actionable analysis. What’s more, our hands-on experts will optimize campaigns on the fly and build out custom reports based on your needs.


It’s simple: With Strategus reporting, you don’t just see the data. You master it.


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Learn More About Strategus’ Capabilities:

Cross-Device Retargeting

Extend your reach by seamlessly retargeting audiences across devices, enhancing CTV campaign continuity.


Measure your CTV campaign success with precise attribution tools, linking ad exposure to outcomes.


Utilize advanced targeting on CTV to reach your ideal audience with precision and relevance.

Programmatic CTV

Harness the power of automation in CTV advertising for efficient, real-time ad buying and placement.

Premium Inventory

Elevate your campaigns with premium, high-impact inventory.