Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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We Ensure Brand Success Using Custom CTV Strategies

Strategus pioneered connected TV advertising in 2015 by running the first programmatic campaign. Since then, CTV has evolved from an emerging alternative to traditional broadcast to the dominant way television is consumed.
But as more viewers make the move to ad-supported CTV, media buying becomes increasingly complex. Marketers are also pressured to tie their efforts with measurable results, which is challenging across such a fragmented ecosystem.
That’s why we work with agencies and brands to deliver custom CTV campaigns that drive results — executed by our team of hands-on experts.
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Custom Fit CTV

We’re a powerhouse of marketing innovators, tech engineers, and creative minds working together to build results-driven solutions that unlock the full potential of CTV advertising. Our managed services approach means that you can rely on us for campaign strategy, execution, optimization, and reporting — all of which will be customized to your unique needs. We also integrate with a robust network of 400+ data and media partners to find your viewers no matter what they’re watching.
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Targeted Messaging, Lasting Impact

CTV success isn’t just about reaching viewers. It's also about engaging with them in a meaningful way that drives results. This requires delivering targeted messages to living room screens and then re-engaging the same viewers across other programmatic channels. We work with media buyers and marketing leaders to craft CTV-first campaigns that start with brand awareness on the living room TV and drive conversions across supplementary devices. From there, we tap into our toolset of specialized attribution methods and KPIs to measure advertising effectiveness live never before possible.
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Innovation-Driven Success

At Strategus, every client partnership is an opportunity to demonstrate how a CTV-first approach can transform advertising campaigns into powerful business growth engines. Our team is fueled by a passion for innovation and a relentless pursuit of performance. As a result, we’ve worked with more than 600 brands to deliver 60,000+ CTV campaigns — driving 33,000,000 conversions.
By choosing Strategus, you’re choosing innovation, customization, and performance. Agencies and brands partner with us to shape the future of TV, together.

We've driven over



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the results

Showcasing Success: Our Case Studies in Driving Real Results

Our case studies highlight the sustained success achieved by brands agencies of all sizes across various industries, showcasing the real-world impact and results driven by Strategus.

the team

Meet the Innovators Behind Our Success

Get to know the driving force of Strategus — our dedicated team. Each member plays a pivotal role in keeping us at the forefront of CTV advertising, weaving their unique skills and perspectives into our fabric of innovation.

the jobs

Creating the Best Job You've Ever Had

At Strategus, we're not just creating cutting-edge CTV advertising solutions, we're building a workplace that aims to be the best job you've ever had. Our employees are the cornerstone of our success, and we're committed to fostering a supportive, dynamic environment. With benefits designed to promote work-life balance, professional growth, and personal wellbeing, we ensure every team member feels valued and empowered. Explore a career with Strategus, where innovation meets job satisfaction in a rewarding, forward-thinking setting.

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