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Don’t Settle for Walled Gardens

Data is key to delivering high-performance ad campaigns. But the phaseout of third-party cookies, prevalence of walled gardens, and poor integration across vendors all present obstacles to programmatic media buying.

Benefit From 
Hands-On Integration

Strategus makes it easy to place ads across the entire programmatic CTV landscape. We provide access to countless publishers and marketplaces — giving you that agility to reach viewers wherever they are and adjust your campaigns on a dime.

The Benefits of Programmatic CTV With Strategus

Locate Viewers Everywhere

Programmatic CTV lets you efficiently execute campaigns across multiple platforms. It also paves the way to a more data-driven strategy that isn’t beholden to a single publisher.

Minimize Complexity

We’ve forged partnerships with suppliers across the ecosystem so that you don’t have to. Rather than managing more isolated platforms, simply tell our experts what you’re hoping to achieve.

Increase Flexibility

With programmatic CTV, you can adjust on the fly. We connect you with vast amounts of data across the ecosystem, as well as the ability to throttle ad spending up and down based on performance. 

Programmatic CTV vs. Direct to Publisher

CTV ad inventory can be bought in two ways: programmatically and via direct sales. Here’s how the two compare.

Programmatic Ad Buying

  • tick_icon Automated exchange of ad space purchased via real-time bidding.
  • tick_icon Provides access to a breadth of inventory across multiple properties.
  • tick_icon Efficient, software-based process.
  • tick_icon Purchased as a programmatic guaranteed, private marketplace, or open exchange.

Self-Service DSP

  • Direct sale of ad space from content or app owners bought via a lengthy hands-on process.
  • Inventory is limited to the publisher’s owned properties.
  • Manual, inefficient process.
  • Purchased as a sponsorship or direct insertion order.

At Strategus, we understand that programmatic ad buying is the better option. Not only does it break free from outdated linear strategies, but it paves the way to a better viewing experience.


With programmatic ad buying, viewers get relevant messages at the right frequency. Meanwhile, marketers can focus on delivering high-performance campaigns — rather than managing relationships with multiple publishers.

Expect More From Your Programmatic CTV Provider

The CTV ecosystem is vast. Siloed platforms and walled gardens exacerbate this problem — putting barriers between marketers and their audiences.


As the first organization to run a programmatic CTV campaign in 2015, we continue to drive innovation and integration. Today, we connect agencies and brands with a combination of third-party data sources, first-party data activation solutions, and a vast library of premium inventory.


But that’s only half the story. Our team of experts also provides personalized strategies and hands-on execution. So what are you waiting for? Get started today.

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Learn More About Strategus’ Capabilities:

Cross-Device Retargeting

Extend your reach by seamlessly retargeting audiences across devices, enhancing CTV campaign continuity.


Measure your CTV campaign success with precise attribution tools, linking ad exposure to outcomes.


Utilize advanced targeting on CTV to reach your ideal audience with precision and relevance.

24/7 Reporting

Gain insights anytime with round-the-clock reporting, optimizing your CTV campaigns with real-time data.

Premium Inventory

Elevate your campaigns with premium, high-impact inventory.