Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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Protecting our customers' data is of paramount importance to us at Strategus, which is precisely why this year, we placed a high priority on renewing our SOC 2 certification.

Understandably, a SOC 2 audit isn't just about bolstering our security measures—it's also a powerful demonstration of our compliance with critical regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Achieving SOC 2 Type II required us to exemplify unwavering dedication to data protection, showcasing the highest standard of security in our day-to-day operations within the dynamic realm of CTV advertising.

Our journey to SOC 2 Type II compliance was thorough, involving a detailed audit of our systems, policies, and procedures by the fantastic team at A-Lign. This exhaustive audit delved into our information security management, data governance processes, and privacy controls, ensuring they meet and exceed industry best practices.

As a leader in the CTV advertising industry, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Earning this certification reflects the relentless effort and dedication of our entire team, who have consistently made the privacy and security of our clients' data their foremost priority.

Thank you to the great team at A-Lign for their invaluable assistance throughout the audit process. Also, a huge appreciation goes out to all of our own team members who were instrumental in driving our certification efforts to successful completion.



Joel Cox
Co-Founder — EVP of Innovation & Strategy