Terms & Conditions


Delivery: Standard creative assets should be received and any changes must be delivered 3 business days prior to scheduled launch. Video creative assets should be received and any changes must be delivered 5 business days prior to scheduled launch. As stated in Section XII of the 4A’s/IAB Standard Terms and Conditions V3.0, STRATEGUS will not share Client’s customer information obtained through the course of this advertising campaign with any other entity and will be used by STRATEGUS only for advertising campaign optimization. The individual named as Partner Contact above approve changes in line item or creative size delivery to improve campaign performance. This insertion order (“IO”) is not considered accepted until STRATEGUS sends written confirmation of receipt. Payment terms: Net 30. If any amount due from Client under this IO is not received by STRATEGUS within five (5) business days after such amount is due, Client shall pay STRATEGUS an additional sum of 1.5% of the outstanding amount due as interest, compounded monthly, or the maximum amount allowed under applicable law, whichever is greater. Should Client fail to timely pay any amount due under this IO and STRATEGUS initiates action to collect any such amount, Client shall be liable for any and all fees incurred by STRATEGUS in relation thereto, including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and court costs. If the rates contained in this IO differ from the rates listed in any rate card previously provided to Client, the rates listed in this IO shall control. For all other Terms & Conditions, please refer to https://www.strategus.com/hubfs/Website/IAB%20-%20Ts%20and%20Cs%20-%20Strategus.pdf. In the event of a conflict between this IO and the “Standard Terms and Conditions for Internet Advertising for Media Buys One Year or Less” published by the Internet Advertising Bureau, this IO shall control.