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Key Results


Confirmed Ticket Sales


Revenue Generated

The University of Washington Huskies partnered with Strategus to enhance ticket sales for their football season. Leveraging the Strategus OTT/CTV advertising platform, the marketing department aimed to bring more accountability and measurability to their ad spend, particularly for season and single-game ticket sales.


The primary goal was to boost football season ticket sales while also enhancing the home field advantage. Additionally, the university sought to develop similar strategies for their other ticketed sports programs.


The campaign employed a multi-tactic approach over a 6-week flight. Strategus targeted college football and sports fans living within a 50-mile radius of Husky Stadium with video and display ads. Utilizing Strategus's Encore Cross-Device Retargeting, the campaign first served CTV ads to qualified prospects to build awareness for football ticket packages. These prospects were then retargeted with digital display ads to drive traffic to the website and promote online ticket sales.


The success of the campaign was measured through cost-per-revenue ratios, achieving a greater than 10x ROI. Pixel placement across the UW website allowed for tracking of fans who were served ads and later visited the site. Additionally, actual online ticket purchase confirmations and revenue were provided for viewers who converted after seeing an ad.


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