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Join Education Institutions Like Yours Driving Results

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CTV Benefits for Education

Pinpoint Your Audience

Go beyond standard targeting and pinpoint your audience using data insight about educational background, household income, and the viewers’ proximity to campus.

Retarget Across Devices

Grab your audience’s attention in a premium environment and then drive conversions by retargeting viewers with online video ads, display ads, and other tactics.

Measure Success

Use first-party data to understand how your campaigns contributed to measurable results like campus visits, website visits, and online form completions.


It was always hard to track the impact of our ads that ran on ESPN or NBC NightlyNews, Working with Strategus, we’re now able to report data showing how many people saw our spots, how many took the next step and went to our website,and what percentage of those engagements resulted in transactions. This has really helped quantify our ROI.

Brian Bowsher

Associate Athletic Director
University of Washington
custom targeting
Custom Targeting
Trying to reach soon-to-be graduates in your area? No problem. Looking for parents of kids entering pre-K? You got it. We layer multiple data sources to model your ideal student.
cross device retargeting
CTV Cross-Device Retargeting
Drive website visits, online conversions, and more by retargeting prospective students who’ve seen your commercials with clickable ads on their personal devices.
Customized Attribution
Customized Attribution
Our education team will customize attribution to your goals, making it easy to match both online and offline conversions back to connected TV (CTV) ad exposure.

Advanced Capabilities for Educational Advertising

Education Comes in Many Forms

And We Have the Expertise.


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Online Programs

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Private Schools

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Test Prep

Join the Educators Driving Results With CTV

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Level Up Enrollment With CTV

CTV advertising is revolutionizing education by connecting ideal students with diverse programs on the living room TV. And at Strategus, we take this one step further by re-engaging those viewers on their laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

We handle everything from campaign strategy and execution to measurement and optimization. That means you get to sit back and watch the enrollment numbers grow.


Contact our education team today to future-proof your marketing strategy.

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