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Key Results


Store Visits Driven


Increase In Visits for Viewers of Ad

A regional pizza group sought to increase awareness and drive foot traffic to its 110 store locations within a top designated market area (DMA). Having traditionally relied on local TV advertisements, the client faced challenges in measuring the impact of their ad spend and ROI. To address this, they turned to Strategus for a 12-week Cross Device campaign, incorporating Connected TV (CTV) ads alongside display retargeting.


The primary objective was to drive foot traffic to the client's store locations, enhancing their visibility and increasing customer visits. With a focus on improving the measurability of their digital campaigns, the client aimed to quantify the ROI of their advertising efforts, particularly in the context of utilizing CTV as a new tactic.


Strategus recommended a strategy that combined CTV ads within the DMA with display retargeting to reinforce the message for users who had viewed the CTV ads. Additionally, a Foot Traffic Study was conducted to analyze the impact of advertising on in-store visits. Leveraging cross-device ID graph technology, the study aimed to identify users exposed to the client's ads who subsequently visited a store location. This comprehensive approach aimed to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign in driving foot traffic and achieving the client's objectives.


The campaign proved highly successful, resulting in a notable 31% lift in store visits among users exposed to the client's ads. A total of 12,195 confirmed users who viewed the ads visited one of the store locations, demonstrating a significant increase in foot traffic. These results underscored the efficacy of the CTV advertising strategy in boosting brand visibility and driving customer engagement.


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