Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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Key Results


Brand Lift


Foot Traffic Attribution Visits

A famous vodka distillery aimed to rebrand itself, targeting a more mature audience and introducing a new bottle design. Strategus was enlisted to execute a rebranding campaign to enhance brand awareness and appeal.


The primary goals were to elevate brand awareness, increase sales, and measure brand lift.


To achieve these objectives, Strategus devised a multifaceted strategy leveraging its suite of attribution tools. Firstly, post-website visit attribution was employed to track user behavior after interacting with the vodka brand's online presence. This data provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of digital touchpoints in driving conversions and brand engagement.


Additionally, brand lift studies were conducted to measure changes in consumer perception and sentiment following exposure to the rebranding campaign. By assessing key metrics such as ad recall and brand favorability, Strategus could gauge the campaign's impact on shifting consumer attitudes towards the vodka distillery.


Furthermore, foot traffic attribution played a crucial role in connecting digital advertising efforts with offline conversions. By tracking the number of visits to physical locations attributed to the campaign, Strategus provided the client with tangible evidence of the campaign's influence on driving in-store traffic and potential sales.


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