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CTV Benefits for
Consumer Packaged Goods

Find the Right Buyers

Reach the right buyers at the right time and customize your ads to different segments by taking an audience-centric strategy to TV advertising.

Make a Lasting Connection

Ensure a seamless customer journey by combining CTV advertising with display ads and other tactics to deliver a unified brand experience.

Measure Success

See how your campaigns directly translate into increased online revenue for your CPG products and gain valuable insight into consumer behavior.

custom targeting
Custom Targeting
Whether you’re selling kombucha to health nuts or frozen meals to busy families, we’ve got you covered. We’ll layer multiple data sources to model your perfect buyers.
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Cross-Device Retargeting
Go beyond brand awareness and drive online conversions by retargeting people who’ve seen your commercials with clickable display ads, streaming audio, and more.
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CPG Attribution
Leverage SKU-level purchase data to tie CTV ad impressions to in-store purchases by combining our CPG attribution tool with other touchpoints based on your goals.

Advanced Capabilities for CPG Advertising

CPG Takes Many Forms

So We Take a Custom Approach For Every Client.





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Join CPG Brands Achieving Measurable Results

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Brand Lift

Following a Rebrand

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Return on Ad Spend


Transform Your CPG Strategy With Full-Funnel CTV

Marketing efforts shouldn’t just build brand awareness. At the end of the day, the point is to sell products. 

That’s why leading CPG brands partner with Strategus to find their ideal customers, nurture brand love across devices, and track the results — no matter where they occur.

Go beyond in-store tactics. Elevate your CPG marketing with Strategus.

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