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Key Results


Patient Referrals in One Month

A client marketing for a physical rehabilitation center wanted to enhance brand awareness tactics to take in more patient referrals. In partnering with Strategus, a connected TV (CTV) campaign was designed to target physicians and their support staff to drive patients to this particular rehab center.


This client had experience advertising with CTV in the past, but the provider’s targeting approach was too broad and missed the niche audience this client wanted to reach. Within the first two months of the campaign, Strategus surpassed its monthly referral goal by employing a multi-layered advertising strategy.

From these considerations, Strategus initiated ad exposure on CTVs and matched household IPs to other devices under the same roof. By applying additional messaging across multiple screens and mediums, the campaign drove higher referral numbers for the client.


Strategus executed precise targeting solutions with granular measurements for a comprehensive campaign. Pulling audiences based on occupation delivered relevant advertising to specialists who make physical therapy referrals to patients. Most importantly, the campaign surpassed the monthly referral goal for new patients during a historically low period. 


After two months, Strategus surpassed the client’s monthly referral goal. Additionally, video completion rates demonstrated accurate audience targeting and ultimately brought more patient referrals to the client’s rehabilitation center.


Below are the results from the campaign: 


  • 98% Video Completion Rate on CTV  
  • 80% Video Completion Rate on Online Video
  • 254 Patient Referrals in a Month (Target Goal of 236)  
  • First Time Passing 200 Referrals Since Start of the Year


Target audiences based on occupation and message them through their CTVs and streaming devices. Establish an effective frequency to enhance ad exposure and drive patient referrals. Apply brand awareness metrics to track attributions and connect ad spending to performance results.


Brand awareness was the campaign’s primary goal to build familiarity with physicians most likely to refer patients for physical therapy. This included oncologists, cardiologists, family practitioners, and other specialists in the medical field.


Strategus mapped out ways to fine-tune targeting with virtual boundaries around areas these specialists frequented. Integrating geo-fencing to collect data on target audiences helped this campaign connect to CTVs in the home.


Once a relevant audience was identified, those who watched the targeted CTV ad to completion were then retargeted through Encore Omnichannel technology. By layering the ad exposure through sequential messaging, consumers were targeted on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones with online video and display ads and combined with streaming audio ads to extend audience reach wherever they stream content.


Instead of advertising to a mass audience, Strategus ensured ad exposure and established multiple points of contact to facilitate a path to conversion among target markets. Everything from creative to audience targeting had to be customized to fit the client’s budget and needs, and the results demonstrated a positive correlation between ad spending and patient referrals.


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