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Key Results


In-Store Visits


Online Conversations

A grocery store chain partnered with Strategus to increase web traffic and drive in-store visits across their locations in Texas and Louisiana. Audience targeting was a huge focus for the campaign and segments were optimized weekly to enhance performance.


Through Strategus’ CTV-centric approach and proprietary CTV Cross-Device Retargeting strategy, this grocer saw over almost 435k in-store visitors with an additional 265k online conversions across the 9-month campaign.


The primary objective was to drive more customer visits to their grocery store locations. 


This grocer was focused on increasing foot traffic to their stores, but they were also interested in assessing website activity. Individual page trackers were set up to view traffic on their store locator page, recipes page, blog, rewards page and more. With audience targeting as a focus, the grocer’s first-party data was activated to target their loyalty members and other demographic segments were brought in to try to conquest competitor chain customers. Ads were served first via CTV and subsequent Cross-Device Retargeting ads were served via Display and Online video.


The Strategus campaign team met with the grocer weekly to optimize the audience and remove any low-performing audience segments. Through the 9 month-campaign, the grocer saw 434,830 in-store visits with 260,550 online conversions across their website


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