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Key Results


Campus Visits


Application Webpage Visits

Strategus collaborated with a public university in Colorado for the 2022-2023 academic year to enhance web traffic during the critical application and enrollment cycles. The university typically conducted campaigns during fall to boost awareness for applications and again in spring for enrollment. The media mix varied between Online Video, Display, and Connected TV (CTV) based on the month, requiring Strategus to remain adaptable. In the fall semester of 2022, Strategus served 11,885,122 impressions, resulting in 1,207,963 web conversions and 13,494 campus visits.


The primary objectives were to increase website traffic and boost student applications and enrollment.


Targeting high school students directly presented challenges due to regulations safeguarding underage internet users. To effectively reach this audience, Strategus utilized third-party data on households with college-bound students and employed a mix of media, including Online Video, Display, and CTV. The campaign aligned with the university’s annual media calendar, determining the tactics and channels for each month. Additionally, Strategus met the client’s custom reporting needs by establishing a tailored reporting process that automatically delivered daily reports.


Over five months, Strategus leveraged third-party data audiences, site retargeting audiences, and look-alike audiences to heighten brand awareness and engage students interested in college. Despite audience restrictions, the campaign exclusively targeted Western and North-Central Colorado. Despite not directly targeting students, a cross-device CTV strategy enabled Strategus to reach them effectively. This comprehensive approach resulted in 1,207,963 web conversions, including 20,227 visits to the "Apply For Free" webpage and 13,494 in-person campus visits.


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