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Key Results


Increase in Call Volume


Qualified Leads Driven / Month

A personal injury law firm based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, sought to enhance its local visibility and attract individuals interested in legal services, particularly auto collision claims. After relying solely on linear TV advertising for 25 years, the firm aimed to transition to OTT/CTV advertising to leverage better tracking and data collection capabilities.


The primary objective was to increase calls and website leads for the personal injury law firm, with a specific focus on attracting individuals seeking legal assistance for auto collision claims. By shifting from traditional linear TV advertising to OTT/CTV, the firm aimed to enhance its advertising effectiveness and achieve measurable outcomes in terms of lead generation.


Partnering with Strategus, the law firm executed a comprehensive CTV advertising campaign, allocating 100% of its advertising budget to this channel. The campaign strategy included:


  • Audience Targeting from Third-Party Data: Leveraging third-party data to target individuals who had demonstrated an interest in personal injury attorneys in Chattanooga, ensuring precise audience segmentation.
  • Location-Based Retargeting: Implementing sub-campaigns to retarget individuals who had recently visited auto body repair shops within the Chattanooga DMA. This retargeting strategy aimed to capture the attention of potential clients who had shown an immediate need for legal assistance following auto accidents.


The campaign yielded significant results, driving 30 qualified leads to the firm's website per month, with an additional 10 form fills—indicating requests for more information from an attorney—generated monthly. Moreover, the campaign led to a remarkable 125% increase in call volume directly to the firm's office, demonstrating the effectiveness of the OTT/CTV advertising approach. As a result of surpassing the firm's customer acquisition cost (CAC) goal, they continued to entrust their advertising strategies to Strategus for ongoing success.


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