Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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Trusted By Law Firms Throughout the U.S.


CTV Benefits for Law Firms

Pinpoint Your Audience

Go beyond standard demographics like location and income to find your audience based on search behavior, recent visits to auto repair shops, and more.

Retarget Across Devices

Create awareness about your law firm on the living room TV and then drive conversions by re-engaging those viewers with online video ads, display ads, and other tactics.

Measure Success

Use first-party data to understand how your campaigns contributed to measurable results like phone calls and website traffic.


Strategus is a pioneer in developing and delivering programmatic Connected TV…Strategus [has] been a strategic partner for us. We’ve been successful in our Strategus-led campaigns and we plan many more.”

Mark Hackard

Marketing Director
Hackard Law
Injury Location Modeling
Injury Location Modeling
Using location data to identify individuals who are likely in need of personal injury legal services, we then expose them to your law firm on the living room TV.
Customized Attribution
Our law marketing team will customize attribution to your goals to quantify the cost-per-lead or cost-per-case ROI of your campaigns
Real-Time Reporting
Real-Time Reporting
You’ll get 24/7 insight into ad performance using our reporting dashboard combined with suggestions from our team to optimize campaigns based on real-time data.

Advanced Capabilities 
for Law Firms

Join Other Law Firms Making the Switch to CTV



Return on Investment

Personal Injury Law Firm


Web Visitor Increase

Future-Proof Your Legal Marketing

Forget scattershot tactics. Today's legal landscape demands pinpoint accuracy.


At Strategus, we craft hyper-targeted CTV campaigns that attract your ideal clients, from personal injury seekers to estate planning prospects and every other specialization in between.


What does that mean for your firm? No more wasted ad spend, just measurable results and high-quality leads that convert.


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