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Key Results


Average Monthly Visitors


Increase in Website Visitors

A tier 3 Nissan Dealer partnered with Strategus to evaluate the efficacy of a Connected TV (CTV) advertising campaign. The primary objectives were to enhance brand awareness and customer interaction, specifically through increased website traffic and auto sales.


The goal was to ascertain whether a CTV strategy could effectively build brand awareness and drive customer engagement, ultimately leading to increased website traffic and conversions.


Strategus recommended a full-funnel strategy, starting with CTV ads to build upper-funnel brand awareness on large screens. This was followed by a cross-device retargeting strategy using Encore Omnichannel, aimed at serving display ads to the same audience on other devices, encouraging them to visit the dealership website and engage further online.


The strategy employed layered targeting to reach in-market Nissan and auto shoppers initially, followed by retargeting users who had previously visited the website with CTV ads. Verifiable tracking methods were implemented on the company’s website to measure campaign effectiveness and track the number of viewers who subsequently visited the dealership site.


Additionally, the campaign capitalized on the fact that the average consumer interacts with five different devices daily, leveraging Encore Omnichannel to deliver relevant, clickable calls-to-action across multiple devices and maximize engagement.


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