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CTV Benefits for Auto Dealerships

Pinpoint In-Market Buyers

Ditch broad TV blasts by combining multiple data sources to zero in on car shoppers. Rely on real-time buying signals, lifestyle components, and more to reach the right viewers.

Move Metal Faster

Car dealership inventory changes daily, and so should your ad campaigns. With dynamic CTV advertising, you gain the flexibility to promote live listings based on what shows up on your lot.

Minimize Wasted Ad Spend

Say goodbye to the poor economics of TV advertising. With CTV, you can pinpoint buyers actively researching cars and tie marketing dollars to quantifiable outcomes like car purchases.

Advanced Capabilities
for Automotive Advertising


CTV Cross-Device Retargeting

Using CTV cross-device retargeting, you can reach buyers on the living room TV and then drive conversions across supplementary channels by retargeting with clickable ads. 


Customized Attribution

By relying on our attribution solutions customized to your goals, you can illustrate how buyers progress through the conversion funnel by tracking post-ad web visitors, foot traffic, and more.


Dynamic Creative

Promote monthly deals and advertise the current inventory on your lot with dynamic creative that pulls a live feed of what’s available from your website and overlays it onto your evergreen video ads.


24/7 Reporting

Our reporting dashboard provides insight into ad performance across audience segments, geographic regions, and more — giving you the flexibility to optimize campaigns based on real-time data.

our auto-dedicated data sources

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Harness Experian's comprehensive automotive data to target and personalize CTV ads based on consumer credit profiles, purchasing power, and vehicle ownership history.

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Leverage Edmunds' detailed automotive content and consumer car shopping behaviors to create highly relevant CTV ads for auto-intenders.

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Utilize Amazon Garage's unique insights into individual car ownership and interests to tailor CTV advertising for automotive products and services.

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Supercharge Your Automotive Marketing With Strategus

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to automotive advertising, which is why partnering with Strategus delivers measurable results. Our team of experts takes strategies learned from partnering with countless dealers and designs customized campaigns based on your specific goals. From there, we execute and optimize — so that you can focus on business results.


Find out how you can reach buyers actively searching for cars with multi-touch CTV campaigns.

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