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Strategus collaborated with a national nut brand for a three-month advertising campaign on connected TV (CTV), featuring a new celebrity spokesperson. The campaign aimed to leverage the unique targeting capabilities of CTV while capitalizing on the influence of the spokesperson. Central to the campaign's measurement strategy was CPG attribution, allowing Strategus to track and analyze the effectiveness of the advertising in real-time by monitoring purchase data at over 40 retailers, including Kroger and Walgreens.


The primary objectives were to elevate brand awareness and drive in-store sales for the CPG retailer. By deploying a strategic CTV campaign, the retailer sought to increase visibility and encourage consumer purchases at physical retail locations.


The retailer's campaign leveraged Strategus' proprietary Encore Omnichannel cross-device retargeting offering to re-engage customers across multiple devices following their initial exposure to the TV ad. The targeting strategy allocated 75% of the budget to an audience of active, fitness-oriented, health-conscious viewers, while the remaining 25% targeted CTV Live Sports inventory, primarily college football audiences.


CPG attribution facilitated reporting on the timing and frequency of in-store purchases, providing valuable insights into consumer behavior. Additionally, Strategus utilized tools from their attribution suite to evaluate the campaign's success comprehensively, including uplift in brand awareness and after-ad influence.


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