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Cost Per Case Attributed

Campaign 2


Cost Per Case Attributed

An injury law firm collaborated with Strategus for their CTV campaign, drawn by our advanced Attribution Suite and Location-Based Targeting capabilities. Dissatisfied with the targeting and measurement offered by their previous partner, the firm launched two campaigns across Pennsylvania. The first campaign utilized Location-Based Retargeting to target individuals visiting union halls, collision centers, and chiropractors' offices, while the second campaign targeted workers' compensation urgent care locations. First-Party Data Attribution was employed to track users exposed to Strategus ads who subsequently converted offline. Despite aiming for a $1,000 cost per case attributed, Strategus achieved a $320 cost per case for the first campaign and a $280 cost per case for the second campaign.


Achieve a cost per case attributed of less than $1,000.


Campaign 1, running from September to December with a $40,000 budget, utilized CTV and online video ads targeting union halls, collision centers, and chiropractors' offices via Location-Based Retargeting. Third-party data audience targeting included union workers, blue-collar workers, and factory workers. Campaign 2, with a $30,000 budget, ran from October to December and employed similar targeting methods.


First-Party Data Attribution was incorporated into both campaigns to track users exposed to Strategus ads and subsequently converted offline via phone calls. The law firm's CRM list was securely uploaded to our first-party data provider's platform, and transaction IDs were passed back to match ad viewers to converted clients. Additionally, the Strategus team provided detailed reporting on lead sources, allowing the law firm to differentiate between purchased and unpurchased leads. Despite an initial goal of $1,000 cost per case, Strategus exceeded expectations by achieving a cost per case of over 3x less.



  • Cost per case attributed: $320 for Campaign 1, $280 for Campaign 2.



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