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Key Results


Phone Calls Driven


Return on Investment

Hackard Law, a trust and estate litigation office based in Sacramento, partnered with Strategus to enhance brand awareness and generate quality leads across California. Strategus implemented a full-funnel connected TV (CTV) strategy combined with Display and Online Video Encore, and cross-device retargeting. Targeting focused on users aged 35 and above with a home value over $1 million in San Francisco and Orange County. In the first 8 months of the campaign, Strategus drove 1,978 clicks on Hackard Law's phone number listed on their website, resulting in 3 new confirmed cases for the firm.


The primary objectives were to raise brand awareness across California and generate quality leads for Hackard Law.


Trust and estate litigation involves a lengthy sales cycle that requires filtering out false leads. Therefore, Strategus continuously optimized the campaign to ensure the best results. Initially targeting users aged 40 and above with a home value over $1 million, the strategy was adjusted based on early campaign reporting, which revealed that the highest converters were aged between 35 and 45. Geotargeting was focused on Orange County and San Francisco, with further refinement at the zip code level to exclude underperforming areas.


Conversions were tracked through website traffic and button-click pixels to monitor activity on the website. Despite the typically long sales cycle, the campaign generated 1,978 clicks to call the Hackard Law phone number and 20 clicks to contact Hackard Law. These efforts resulted in Hackard Law winning 3 new cases, potentially yielding a 10x return on investment within the first 8 months.


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