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Key Results


Ford Expeditions Sold


Revenue Generated

A local Texas automotive group faced the challenge of selling 28 Ford Expeditions within just 30 days while simultaneously expanding brand awareness. To achieve this goal, they implemented a dynamic multi-channel advertising approach using Strategus Tactics to reach potential buyers and the general public with their brand messaging.


Drive traffic and meet monthly sales quota for new car sales.


Strategus recommended a Geo-Targeted approach within 100 miles of the dealership location, employing CTV ads to target auto intenders interested in Ford Expeditions. A diverse retargeting strategy was implemented to reinforce the advertising message and drive conversions. Tactics included:


  • CTV Advertising: Targeting in-market SUV shoppers within the specified geography.
  • CTV Website Retargeting: Bringing back prior website visitors to convert via CTV ads.
  • CTV and Display Encore Retargeting: Reaching users who previously viewed CTV ads with additional CTV and display ads across devices.
  • Look-Alike Retargeting: Expanding brand awareness to an audience similar to prior website visitors.


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