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Key Results


In-Store Visits


Estimated Revenue

A multi-location fast food restaurant collaborated with Strategus on a seasonal campaign aimed at boosting in-store foot traffic. Although the restaurant chain has a national presence, the focus of this campaign was on the Philadelphia DMA. Leveraging various advertising channels including CTV and streaming audio, along with Strategus' proprietary CTV Cross-Device Retargeting, the campaign targeted families with children while also incorporating specific audience segments for seasonal promotions. Over a 6-month period with an approximate budget of $90,000, Strategus successfully drove over 260,000 in-store visits, resulting in an estimated revenue of $3.2 million for the restaurant chain.


The primary objective of the campaign was to increase in-store visits to the fast food restaurant locations. By leveraging CTV advertising along with targeted messaging, the goal was to drive foot traffic and ultimately boost sales for the restaurant chain.


The campaign's audience targeting strategy focused primarily on families with children aged 0-12, aligning with the family-friendly brand image of the fast food restaurant. Additionally, specific targeting criteria were applied for limited-time specials, including location-based retargeting of coffee shops and consumer packaged goods (CPG) targeting for candy purchases. Geographically, the campaign was concentrated solely on the greater Philadelphia DMA, with foot traffic attribution tracking implemented across 138 unique locations within the DMA. Ads were delivered through CTV and streaming audio, with subsequent retargeting efforts via online video and display ads. The successful outcome of the campaign underscored the effectiveness of Strategus' targeted approach in driving significant in-store visits and revenue for the fast food restaurant chain.


The campaign achieved remarkable success, with 267,108 in-store visits generated, leading to an estimated revenue of $3.2 million for the restaurant chain. These results highlight the effectiveness of Strategus' strategic approach and the impact of CTV advertising in driving tangible business outcomes.


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