Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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Key Results


Households Reached


"Find a Store" Page Visits

A frozen yogurt bar company aimed to expand its marketing efforts nationally to enhance brand awareness among health-conscious consumers. Partnering with Strategus, they executed an OTT/CTV campaign to reach their target audience and drive website traffic.


The campaign reached over 2.26 million households and delivered outstanding conversion performance, with 3,640 site visits, including 1,256 "Find A Store" visits.


The primary objective was to increase brand awareness among health-conscious consumers nationally and drive website traffic, particularly to the "Find a Store" page.


Strategus implemented a multi-faceted strategy, utilizing OTT/CTV advertising to deliver national ad impressions to health-conscious consumers. The campaign focused on low-frequency delivery to maximize viewership and optimize for high video completion rates.


Regular attribution techniques, including After Ad Influence, were employed to track consumer online behavior post-ad exposure. Increased visits to web pages with tracked keywords after seeing an ad were attributed to the campaign.


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