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Key Results


Website Conversions


In-Person Visits


Search and Social Impact Attributions

A local Chevrolet dealership collaborated with Strategus to boost website traffic and increase in-person visits. Concurrently running Search and Social campaigns, the dealership aimed to seamlessly integrate the impact across all digital marketing efforts. Over a span of 10 months, the dealership witnessed significant results, including 45,771 website conversions, 3,769 in-person visits, and 3,005 Search and Social Impact attributions.


The dealership's objectives were threefold: to drive website traffic, raise in-person traffic, and connect conversions between Search, Social, and CTV.


With no prior experience in CTV advertising, the family-oriented Chevrolet dealership relied on Strategus's expertise. The Strategus team devised a full-funnel campaign strategy commencing with CTVs and extending to audience retargeting across other devices through Display and Online Video ads.


Targeting 25 specific zip codes based on their target market, the dealership integrated first-party data from customers who had purchased within the last 5 years. Third-party data was also leveraged to narrow down in-market auto intenders and users who had recently visited competitor dealerships.


In the initial 6 months, the dealership conducted an internal audit of overall sales lift, which yielded positive results. This prompted a 37% increase in budget allocation to the Strategus campaign. Additionally, the dealership began tracking conversions for Search and Social efforts alongside their omnichannel CTV efforts, revealing an increased likelihood of conversion for users exposed to Strategus ads before encountering ads on Search or Social platforms.


By the campaign's conclusion at the 10-month mark, the dealership achieved remarkable outcomes, including 45,771 web conversions, 3,769 in-person visits, and 3,005 Search and Social Impact attributions.


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