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Key Results


In-Person Visits


Web Conversions

Babcock Ranch, a solar-powered sustainable community in southwest Florida, partnered with Strategus to enhance awareness and drive traffic to their website and community. Through a comprehensive full-funnel strategy incorporating CTV, display, and online video advertising, Strategus aimed to foster brand awareness, generate home buyer interest, and increase conversions. In 2022, Strategus successfully drove 142,665 web conversions and facilitated 5,743 in-person visits to Babcock Ranch.


The primary objectives were to develop effective brand awareness, drive website and foot traffic, and sell the Babcock Ranch lifestyle.


To establish Babcock Ranch as an industry leader in sustainability, the Strategus team focused on targeting in-market home buyers, families, and retirees in Florida, New York, and other relevant DMAs across the country. Audience demographics included age, household income, technology enthusiasts, and eco-friendly shoppers, particularly those who vacation or relocate to warmer climates during the winter.


The majority of impressions were allocated to CTV and display advertising, with online video comprising approximately 7% of the total impressions. This allocation allowed Strategus to create top-of-funnel brand awareness through CTV while reinforcing exposure through clickable display and online video inventory.


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