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CTV Benefits for Real Estate

Showcase Your Community

Bring your development to life and build recognition in your target market. CTV advertising makes it easy to capture the essence of your community and recreate the emotion of coming home.

Find Your Ideal Buyers

Looking to engage young families, newly married couples, or empty nesters? No problem. We layer data sources to build custom audiences of in-market home shoppers.

Measure Your Efforts

Gain full visibility into the buying journey and ensure every ad dollar drives measurable results with our robust attribution and measurement tools.


What we like most about working with Strategus is the level of service we receive. The team is outstanding! Not to mention the fact that we can target our CTV ads to the exact buyers we want to reach. It’s a much more efficient use of marketing budget compared to traditional TV, and their attribution and reporting capabilities make it simple to quantify ROI.”

Kelly Fink

General Manager
cross device retargeting
Cross-Channel Retargeting
Using cross-device retargeting, we’ll engage potential homebuyers on the living room TV and then drive conversions across supplementary channels with clickable ads. 
Attribution and Reporting
We customize our attribution solutions to your goals — whether that’s website visits or foot traffic to physical sales centers — and tie advertising efforts to results.
Continuous Optimization
CTV advertising is dynamic and can be changed on a dime. That’s why we continuously optimize your campaigns based on real-time data

Advanced Capabilities for Real Estate

Join Home Builders Driving Awareness with CTV



In-Person Visits

National Home Builder


Post-View Website Visits

Start Capturing Local Homebuyers Today

Precision is paramount in real estate marketing. 


Our targeted campaigns combine the power of big-screen exposure with data-driven targeting, ensuring your message reaches the right people at the right time. This allows you to showcase your development in the most impactful way and maximize efforts with full-funnel retargeting.


Say goodbye to wasted ad spend and hello to home sales. Contact us today.

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