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Key Results


Return on Ad Spend


Revenue Generated


Average Purchase

An online home technology retailer, Alen Air Purifiers, partnered with Strategus to increase website traffic and convert this traffic into sales. Their primary KPI was the return on ad spend (RoAS).


Utilizing Strategus' CTV-centric approach and proprietary Encore Cross-Device Retargeting strategy, Alen Air Purifiers transformed a $250k ad spend into over $850k in online revenue. 


The primary objective was to achieve a 2x return on ad spend (RoAS).


Alen Air Purifiers sought a partner capable of executing a customized campaign with flexible flight dates, varying from two weeks per month to longer periods. Strategus' campaign team meticulously managed these flight dates to align with the client's requirements. The campaign activated first-party data provided by Alen Air Purifiers, targeting specific lists and suppressing others.


Additionally, lookalike modeling and site retargeting were employed to broaden the target audience.


A revenue pixel was implemented to capture online sales, and webpage tracking was set up to monitor site activity. Over 10 months of tailored CTV campaigns, with a budget of approximately $250k, Strategus generated $852,954 in revenue through online sales.


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