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Using White Label OTT/CTV Advertising to Generate Brand Lift

Using White Label OTT/CTV Advertising to Generate Brand Lift

If you’re looking to improve the success of your marketing objectives and make your brand more known, using white label OTT/CTV advertising is one of the best ways to do it. Although OTT/CTV is fairly new in a lot of ways and rapidly evolving with the times and consumer trends, the up-and-coming digital trend is without a doubt here to stay.

In fact, it’s growing by the minute — both in users and advertisers seeking to reach those users. With more than 71% of internet users viewing an OTT service at least once a month and 11% of all U.S. TV households exclusively using OTT devices, it’s evident the industry will only get bigger. Not to mention, Statista also reports that OTT media revenue is expected to reach over $167 billion by 2025 — which is more than double the $83.3 billion that was generated in 2019.

Here’s what you need to know to benefit the most from a brand lift generated by white labeling your OTT/CTV advertising.  

Looking For an Enhanced OTT/CTV Advertising Solution?

Chances are, you are looking for an enhanced OTT/CTV advertising solution. If you’re interested in any of the following benefits of OTT/CTV advertising, then this is certainly the right route for you:

  • Targeting — not only are 66% of households globally using an OTT service, but OTT ratings are up 500% while primetime TV is down 20%.
  • Results — it’s generating phenomenal results for businesses, which is why OTT ad spend is expected to increase significantly, according to eMarketer reports. 
  • Cost — more cost-effective than TV ad-buys which is one of the reasons 41% of agency buyers plan to shift ad spend from TV to OTT.
  • More control — viewership results and adjustments can be monitored and improved in real-time. It also requires less exposure to increase brand lift and meet goals.
  • Programmatic process — one campaign launch can pave the way for more improved and optimized strategies in the future due to the digital evaluation capabilities of OTT advertising. 
  • Direct communication — the Nielsen Journal of Measurement found that the co-watching rate of OTT programming is just 34%, compared to the 48% of people who co-watch linear television. This means more targeted communication with the right consumer.
  • Convenience for advertisers and viewers alike — not only do viewers prefer OTT to traditional TV viewing, but advertisers benefit from more engaged and hyper-targeted audiences. 

Moreover, it’s not just beneficial for one business looking to generate brand lift. This can also be beneficial for agencies that are working with multiple clients.

Why You Should White Label an OTT/CTV Advertising Package

White labeling has always been a popular trend in marketing — just look at big name brands like Walmart and Costco who sell other company products under the label of their brands. 

White labeling an OTT/CTV advertising package, in particular, can make a significant difference. Here are the most beneficial reasons you should take advantage of this opportunity:

Brand Amplification

It can be a challenge coming up with the perfect OTT/CTV advertising package for your clients, but it doesn’t have to be. When you take advantage of white labeling your advertising, you ensure they’re getting nothing but the best from experts in the industry — without the hassle of bringing it to life yourself.

Essentially, you can put your logo on our product and use it as your own, thus enhancing your overall brand recognition. 

Save Time and Money

Another vital reason is all the money and time that can be saved by white labeling your package. Rather than spending time and money trying to develop your own software, you can trust the best one out there.

For instance, Encore Omnichannel and Attribution Suite. Encore Omnichannel has a track record for precision targeting viewers with a relevant message, retargeting already engaged consumers when they complete the ad video and encouraging them to take action via second screens — using laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. This solution is particularly efficient compared to the typical spray-and-pray method that is used by most businesses.

As for Attribution Suite, it’s the first fully functioning online and offline attribution tool, consisting of a range of tracking techniques beyond anything you’ve worked with before and bundled into our Version 3 Reporting Dashboard. What do you get out of it? You learn more about who saw your ad and what they did after.

It has five components worth noting when considering its importance for your clients: post-view website visit attribution (reports direct engagements, online purchase attribution which tracks user purchases), foot-traffic attribution (does exactly what it sounds like and tracks traffic follow ad exposure — i.e., physical, offline, venture, lot, etc.), UPC attribution (tracks post-view product purchases), offline conversion tracking (reveals user ad viewer prior to purchasing), and after-ad influence (AI) which measures consumer pre-purchase intent. 

Deliver Exceptional Results

As an agency, your entire company’s health depends on your ability to deliver exceptional results to your clients. If not, they won’t hesitate for a second to find someone else who can do it better — so be the competition that does it better.

For this reason and many more, white labeling can be the right answer for you. White labeling gives you the technology and resources to perfect your clients’ OTT/CTV advertising, helping you maintain a positive relationship and reputation among current and potential clients. 


Start Benefiting From White Label OTT/CTV Advertising Today 

There’s no better time than now to take advantage of white label OTT/CTV advertising packages. OTT and CTV are dominating the industry, and your clients are going to want to participate in and benefit from its growing success. The best way for you to provide them with that success without the added hassle is to white label our products that already generate a significant amount of success among users.

Set aside time to chat with our team at Strategus to discuss white-label OTT and how it can generate brand lift, or consult our blog for more insight and resources on the ever-growing power of OTT/CTV.

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