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How CTV Advances Local Advertising Efforts

Marketing your local business needs to reach audiences living nearby. It seems pretty straightforward, but capturing a relevant viewership at the ideal moment generates the most return on advertising campaigns. 

Up to this point, advertisers are adapting to changing TV audiences. However, some still rely on linear TV programming — thinking it offers the same influence it held in the past.

Advertising on traditional TV involves competing with more prominent brands, and it cannot track ROI. That’s where local connected TV (CTV) advertising offers a complete solution to only message relevant audiences and measure the results on the backend.

Whether an ad campaign is for local automotive dealerships or quick-service restaurants in the area, CTV advertising presents flexible options to bring more people to your business.

As we look ahead, connected TV advertising offers smaller businesses sustainable growth, superior audience targeting, and comprehensive attribution measurement to create client-based solutions.


Slow Embrace of CTV among Local advertisers


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Even though TV audiences have shifted to digital, local advertisers are still behind in moving away from traditional TV advertising.

As crucial demographics transition exclusively to streaming, they’re no longer reachable on linear advertising methods. Those who rely on linear are missing out on critical opportunities to reach streaming audiences:

Consequentially, the abundance of streaming services and content choices has led audiences to experience subscription burnout on top of an economic downturn.

At the same time, the industry has responded by introducing ad-supported options. More specifically, robust streaming providers, Disney+ and Netflix announced ad-supported tiers for 2023.

As streaming services battle for user retention, advertisers reap the benefits of diverse and growing viewership. Plus, CTV draws on the engagement of the TV ad and integrates the efficiency of digital.

Ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) demand will be backed by the increase of free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels by traditional content owners who will likely repackage existing content for ad-supported choices. 

Simply stated, smart TVs and streaming devices are growing side-by-side to a broader array of viewing options.

One main reason local advertisers are slow to adopt CTV is the false impression that CTV can’t target specific markets. When in reality, it’s the polar opposite.


Connected TV Targeting Bolsters local audiences


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In our ever-changing economy, local relevance remains the top priority for advertisers to satisfy consumer needs. Additionally, marketers want an agile and flexible approach to adapt to changing market dynamics.

CTV audience targeting combines background information related to viewers interested in your services and the ability to deliver messages directly to their connected televisions

Connect to audiences while enjoying their favorite streaming series with localized enhancements, so only households in designated areas are targeted.

After capturing a complete picture of relevant viewers, previous customers, and online visitors, CTV advertising reaches all of them while modeling similar audiences based on these demographics.

Design lookalike audiences based on the insights of your current target market, including online browsing behaviors and other valuable demographic data like age, gender, ethnicity, education level, and household income.


Reach the audiences you want, when you want


These digital capabilities outpace linear TV advertising. For example, local news is renowned for accessing politically engaged voters in specific towns and cities.

However, digital campaigns on CTV use sophisticated targeting and measurement techniques that are unavailable on linear TV news.

Plus, local news outlets can’t offer hyper-targeting capabilities to structure campaigns. As a result, most advertisers are turning to CTV because geo-targeting on these channels ensures that only relevant audiences are messaged.

With increasing ad-supported streaming platforms for viewers, advertisers have more opportunities to tap into numerous targeting tactics.

Beyond the ability to target by location, interests, and behaviors, CTV marketers can tailor targeting strategies to achieve specific brand goals, focusing on brand awareness among certain demographics or reaching in-market shoppers with precision.


Performance Marketing


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Targeting the right audience needs the backing of substantial data collection and analysis.

The latest technological innovations have introduced new ways to recognize and track audiences from the CTV to other internet-connected devices.

Identifying the same household across different streaming platforms and devices ensures ad frequency and reach are optimized for solid outcomes.

After a campaign launches, a live reporting dashboard reveals KPI performance, with metrics customized to advertising goals:

  • Audience engagement within target markets
  • After ad-view website visitors
  • Brand lift & brand awareness
  • Conversion tracking

Specific metrics can establish a path to conversion, measuring audience interaction along multiple online and offline touchpoints.

More importantly, the campaign's effectiveness connects ad spend to results for transparency in a complex digital landscape.


Programmatic CTV Advertising Streamlines the Process


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Integrating programmatic into CTV advertising uses automated technology for media buying. Instead of manually buying ad space, it instantly applies data insights and algorithms to serve ads to the ideal consumer.

When appropriately executed, programmatic ad-buying maximizes ad performance in connected TV advertising because everything from targeting, inventory, attribution, and timing are combined in one programmatic approach.

This new marketing approach can get people interested in a local business, brand, product, or service and encourage them to purchase, fill out a survey, or click for more information.

Encore Omnichannel adds another layer to a comprehensive campaign strategy to meet the viewer at the right moment in their customer journey.

It instantly bridges the gap between CTV advertising and retargeting by messaging other connected devices. And it’s cost-effective by nature as it only retargets audiences who were already engaged with a CTV ad, which avoids irrelevant ads for a more personalized touch.

However, it’s important to note that the ad-buying process isn’t entirely automated. Advertisers still need a managed service with expertise in campaign management.

Then expectations and marketing objectives align with the campaign strategy so clients reach desired effects.


Deep Knowledge and expertise for peace of mind


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As advertisers adjust, those committed to or looking to try a CTV advertising platform must navigate a rapidly changing environment.

Everything from content distribution to streaming services has to be modified accordingly. That’s why drawing from seasoned programmatic CTV providers simplifies the industry’s complexities.

Though programmatic CTV advertising can be highly complex to manage, streaming platforms are becoming commonplace among viewers, who are also increasing the amount of time spent watching them.

The entire programmatic ad-buying process occurs within seconds, so advertisers don’t have to waste time negotiating ad placements. And efficient usage of time and ad dollars are critical to audience reach and measuring campaign success.

Choosing managed services reaps the benefits of industry experts and campaign managers who know the intricacies of this automated software.

In the end, managed services deliver more extraordinary results on launch and throughout the campaign. Focus on the holiday season or quarterly results to fit marketing goals and receive significant enhancements to your bottom line.


Programmatic partner For Your local Business


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Partnering with Strategus is choosing the industry's most experienced programmatic CTV provider. As a result, we put agencies and clients in a position to utilize the latest digital advertising capabilities. 

Managing programmatic ingenuity with expertise in campaign management provides efficient CTV campaigns across most industries. And it tailors advertising efforts to meet your business’s priorities.

Advertisers can get specific targeting based on DMAs or zip-code, with access to premium inventory. As modern viewing habits move to digital, local businesses can take advantage of this advertising platform and meet audiences where they are watching.

Strategus offers 24/7 campaign management and continues researching and testing what’s next in CTV advertising. 

Contact us if you want to bridge the gap between traditional and digital media or learn more about how to manage connected TV advertising services. Easily enhance omnichannel campaigns without burdening your teams or wasting budget dollars today!

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