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The Democratization of Digital Advertising With Programmatic CTV & OTT

The Democratization of Digital Advertising

Thanks to the internet, cable and network television have been in decline for decades. Then Covid came along to compress years of consumer digital streaming adoption into a few short months. With this disruption, the legacy media is struggling to survive, and customer-facing companies are recalibrating. Some are powering their way forward as they take advantage of new technologies that, until recently, were only available to the biggest brands and budgets. 
The most powerful tool in this new paradigm – programmatic advertising – is now accessible to millions of small and mid-sized businesses. Ads are delivered “over-the-top” (OTT) of cable on smart TVs, bought in automated, online auctions that occur billions of times every day. In this complex computing environment, these real-time “bid streams” precisely target infinite data points of individual buyers and their behavior patterns – who they are, what they’re shopping for, and where and when they’re likely to buy. 


“This efficiency means that average businesses can reach buyers directly, with high quality and relevant on-demand video advertising” said Joel.

Talking Points

  • Powerful TV Advertising for the Small and Medium Business Community
  • Consumer Choice and Advertising Relevance
  • Anonymous Consumer Targeting
  • Advertising Access to the Open Internet of Streaming Video: Episodes, Movies, Documentaries, and Live Events

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