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Strategus Brings Retail Media Network Data to CTV Ad Campaigns

Strategus is enabling the use of data from retail media networks to target connected TV ad campaigns.

The first Retail Media Network to work with Strategus is Porch Group’s V12, which has data on U.S. homebuyers and people who are about to move.

Retail media networks are one of the fastest growing sectors in advertising, led by companies like Walmart, Target and Kroger, which have information on the millions of shoppers they interact with.

Strategus’ new capability makes it possible for advertisers to maximize the impact of their first-party data across both retail media and CTV.

“V12 leads the industry in move and homeowner marketing solutions, providing insights into 80% of all U.S. homebuyers and pre-move indicators 35% faster than other providers. These consumers are researching and spending well before the move even begins and spend thousands of dollars throughout the lifetime of their home. Connected TV is an ideal platform to get in front of these audiences who are actively spending and open to trying new brands,” said Michelle Taves, group GM of Porch Marketing and CEO of V12.

Strategus has been managing programmatic CTV campaigns since 2015. Its platform delivers audience-centric campaigns to CTVs and other streaming devices by leveraging premium data partnerships, curated publisher deals, and custom audience targeting techniques.

“At Strategus, our goal is to push the advertising industry forward by making our exceptional data-driven CTV tools accessible to as many customers as possible,” said Joel Cox, co-founder and senior VP of strategy and innovation at Strategus. “Retail media networks will clearly play an important role in the future of digital advertising, and we are thrilled to be able to work with V12 to develop a solution that maximizes the value delivered by both channels.”

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