Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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Steering the Conversation with Joel Cox

Jim and Trent are joined by Joel Cox, co-founder of Strategus, as they take a deep dive into the evolving world of media and advertising.

Strategus revolutionized the advertising industry by running the first-ever programmatic CTV campaign in 2015 and it continues to push the industry forward with its CTV expertise and experience. The Strategus platform delivers audience-centric campaigns to CTVs and other streaming devices by leveraging premium data partnerships, curated publisher deals, and custom audience targeting techniques. As an innovation leader in data-driven CTV advertising, Strategus provides a full suite of managed services including attribution, targeting, optimization, reporting, and analysis.

With most TV audiences streaming across several devices, taking advantage of CTV and OTT advertising helps you reach these viewers, and access target audiences with premium inventory in brand-safe environments.

Partnering with Strategus guarantees an experienced programmatic campaign manager and the latest audience targeting and measurement innovations.

Contact us for a managed service that places clients at the forefront of What’s next in OTT/CTV advertising.

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