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How Digital Marketers can Leverage OTT/CTV Advertising

How Digital Marketers can Leverage OTT/CTV Advertising | Interview with Rachel Dillon from Strategus
Our EVP of Sales and Marketing, Rachel Dillon on OTT (Over-the-top) and CTV (Connected TV) advertising campaigns, Growth and Meaningful Marketing


Rachel Dillon joins Pathmonk Presents Podcast host Lukas Haensch to discuss how our platform at Strategus produces real-time automated campaigns that instantly deliver custom, audience-targeted messages. If there was were anyone just as passionate about reaching audiences in an impactful, engaging, and strategic way, it would be the founders of Pathmonk.

What’s Pathmonk Presents Podcast? Pathmonk Presents is a fast and effective show to sharpen your growth marketing skills. The 20 min episodes offer data-backed success and failure stories featuring top business leaders. The host is always sure to work his magic and reveal the inner workings of both the business and the leader.

The streaming world is taking over, and it is time that both marketers and advertisers leverage these platforms to reach a greater audience. The Covid-19 pandemic triggered stay-at-home living and canceled social plans, so consumers turned to online media streaming to fill the void. As users turn to streaming and as the industry is expected to continue booming, we at Strategus are on a mission to encourage businesses to embrace the consumer shift to streaming devices while reaching their target consumers and producing measurable results.

We launched the first-ever programmatic OTT/CTV campaign and have perfected the method of executing OTT campaigns using a suite of proprietary products to reach your target consumer and produce measurable results. Additionally, since 2015 we have focused on forging a number of partnerships across the landscape to ensure we can provide the most streamlined and razor-sharp targeting for our campaigns with an audience-centric approach.

While diving into the growth and expansion of Strategus, Rachel offers insights into who we serve and how we work to guide them in a space that may seem innovative and new. As we work to build audiences for our clients, Lukas was eager to look behind the curtain and see how we stand out as an independent agency in this growing industry and competitive market.

With a great deal of activity in the space, we are determined to provide thoughtful, educational, and relevant content that can support prospects in their journey to embracing the streaming world. We want to ensure that as our customers are on the bleeding edge of a solution that they too feel armed to distribute that knowledge to colleagues and clients. Our website is crucial to driving this value and ensuring information is instant and supportive of their journey.

Rachel realistically looks at how outbound marketing and strategies have become crowded in the stay-at-home world and how she is ready to drive better connections and communications with prospects. Listen to discover more about our people and business with a bit of insight into Rachel’s strategies and ideas for successful business growth.

Listen to the episode below or click here to read the full article!


Andy Dixon is a seasoned Content Writing Specialist at Strategus, renowned for his expertise in creating engaging and impactful digital content. With over a decade of experience in content creation, Andy has honed his skills in a variety of niches, ranging from technology and marketing to education.

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