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Denver Sales Pro Dillon Joins Strategus

CTV/OTT Ad-Tech Leader Staffs Up for Hyper Growth

DENVER, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Strategus, the ad-tech industry's first programmatic CTV/OTT managed services provider, today announced the appointment of Rachel Dillon as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Dillon previously served as Vice President with House of Revenue, a Denver consultancy that builds sales and training programs for clients across the country.

"Rachel has risen through the ranks to become one of the region's top sales and customer success leaders," said Strategus President Todd Porch. "She joins our team at a critical moment in history, when millions of viewers are choosing to stream digital content into their living rooms through smart, internet-connected televisions, and when brands and agencies are automating their advertising programs to reach customers with better precision, relevance and results."


With the company's 53% compound annual growth rate, Dillon sees Strategus as leading the charge in the burgeoning marketplace for CTV/OTT (Connected TV "Over-The-Top" of cable). It's a natural next-step in her career after building national sales organizations and scalable marketing infrastructure for a number of companies in high-growth industries.

"Strategus is at the forefront of market disruption, and the perfect opportunity to capitalize on my past experience," said Dillon. "With tremendous potential for rapid growth, coupled with its innovation and service culture, I'm thrilled to be part of this team."

About Strategus
After running the advertising industry's first programmatic CTV/OTT campaign in 2015, Strategus remains the only independent managed services provider that guarantees 100% ad placement on internet-Connected Television, today's standard for Over-The-Top viewer engagement. Serving agencies and in-house marketers, the industry's most experienced Ad Ops Team works with more than 180 data and technology partners to optimize hyper-targeting and re-targeting capabilities down to the zip-code, driving cross-device conversions in concert with linear campaigns. With dynamic dashboard visibility over campaign targeting, re-targeting, and attribution measurement tools, the Inc. 5000 company delivers real-time results for companies of all sizes across unlimited advertising inventories. For more information, visit Media contact: John Metzger,



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