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Strategus Labs Aggregates First Full-Strength OTT/CTV Attribution Suite

DENVER – January 23, 2020 – Ad-tech managed services platform Strategus today announced that its Labs Division has tested, vetted and combined state-of-the-art data and location solutions into the first full-strength suite of attribution reporting tools for Connected Television advertisers.

Despite viewers’ relentless cable/satellite cord-cutting in favor of Over-the-Top digital streaming, CTV has not, until now, adequately addressed advertisers’ most important question: Who saw your ad, and then what did they do?

After pioneering the industry’s first programmatic OTT/CTV campaign in 2015, Strategus has had unique, early-adopter opportunities to test and curate the most complex and effective reporting technologies with data partners including Amazon, Oracle, Factual, LiveRamp and others. The resulting product suite aggregates essential attribution elements into an accurate, quality-controlled technology stack that, for the first time, is available to agencies and brands of all sizes and budgets.

“OTT/CTV advertising has been measured primarily on Video Completion Rate – how many people saw an ad from start to finish,” said Strategus Co-Founder and SVP Joel Cox. “The attribution piece – connecting an audience-targeted message to buyer behavior – has not kept pace. This is what inspired Strategus Labs to create a robust tracking methodology bundled into our Version 3 Reporting Dashboard that represents the industry’s first full-function product suite for digital streaming attribution.”

The first-to-market Strategus Labs Attribution Suite® delivers six, customizable components that attribute the follow-on behavior of CTV viewers:

  • Post-View Website Attribution – Shows direct engagement on brand site after OTT/CTV ad exposure
  • Online Purchase Attribution – Tracks users who purchase after OTT/CTV ad exposure, whether on brand’s website or on
  • Foot Traffic Measurement – Offline, cross-device ID physical tracking into store, mall, lot, venue, etc., after ad exposure
  • After-Ad Influence (AAI) – Measures consumer pre-purchase intent to research products and services after ad exposure
  • UPC-Based Purchase Attribution – Direct post-view product purchases based on Universal Purchase Code (UPC) barcode tracking
  • Offline Conversion Tracking – Pinpoints audience advertising exposure to subsequent online un-trackable activity and/or offline purchases

“VCR and one-trick attribution products are not enough,” said Cox. “It’s never one size fits all, and most media buyers can’t afford the time and resources to trial and error everything that’s out there. After years of testing, we’ve faced down every problem and can now provide democratized access for all advertisers, giving them the power to pinpoint how and why consumers take action after watching their ads on smart TVs, and to be able to customize and map their attribution.”

About Strategus
Strategus was founded in Denver in 2014. The company pioneered the first programmatic OTT/CTV advertising campaign the following year. The Strategus Managed Services Platform produces real-time automated campaigns that instantly deliver custom, audience-targeted messages to CTVs and other internet-connected devices. Strategus leads innovation in data-driven OTT targeting, attribution, optimization, reporting and analysis across all advertising inventories including display, paid search, paid social and email. Serving clients coast to coast, the Inc. 5000 company’s strategic team combines proprietary algorithms, AI and high-touch personal service to ensure that brands and agencies achieve maximum reach and results with the highest standards of brand safety and consumer trust.

Andy Dixon is a seasoned Content Writing Specialist at Strategus, renowned for his expertise in creating engaging and impactful digital content. With over a decade of experience in content creation, Andy has honed his skills in a variety of niches, ranging from technology and marketing to education.

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