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An agency collaborated with Strategus to elevate brand awareness and boost ticket sales for an event series held at a zoo from March to June. While the agency had previously relied on TV ads via Linear TV, the allure of data available through connected TV (CTV) advertising prompted them to explore this avenue. Leveraging a full-funnel strategy targeting active families and date night enthusiasts, Strategus facilitated 1,890 ticket purchase button clicks and attributed 4,956 conversions on Google and 901 conversions on Facebook back to the campaign.


The primary objectives were to raise awareness for the event and drive ticket sales, aiming to attract both families and individuals interested in nightlife and events.


Strategus implemented a full-funnel CTV strategy, incorporating Omnichannel Video (pre-roll, mobile in-app streaming, and web streaming) alongside Display tactics to guide users down the funnel after exposure to targeted CTV ads. Audience targeting focused on zoo visitors, families, and active individuals interested in nightlife and events, with geotargeting concentrated in Lexington, KY, and Louisville, KY. Mid-campaign optimizations shifted the budget toward Louisville due to performance. Button click conversion pixel tracking was employed to monitor clicks on the "Purchase" button. Throughout the 4-month flight, Strategus facilitated 1,890 ticket purchase button clicks and attributed an additional 5,857 conversions via paid search and social from users initially exposed to Strategus ads.


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