Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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Key Results


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Lift in Brand Awareness

A state public health department aimed to raise awareness about a program to help smokers and tobacco users quit. Traditionally a broadcast advertiser, the department faced challenges in effectively reaching its target audience. To address this, they partnered with Strategus for a two-month PSA campaign to generate awareness and drive traffic to their website. Additionally, they sought to measure brand lift and message impact to ensure the effectiveness of their campaign.


The primary goal was to reach smokers and tobacco users in the state, encouraging them to utilize the department's quit-smoking program. The department aimed to leverage Strategus' targeting capabilities to reach high-risk groups effectively while driving website traffic and measuring the impact of their message through brand lift metrics.


Strategus crafted a hyper-targeted campaign aimed at smokers who were either ready to quit, actively trying to quit, or considering quitting in the future. By leveraging third-party audience targeting, the campaign specifically reached smokers, tobacco users, and e-cigarette users. CTV ads were used to initially reach the audience, followed by Encore Display retargeting ads with a call-to-action driving users to the website. Following the campaign, a comprehensive brand lift study was conducted to measure brand awareness, favorability, message association, and purchase intent.


The campaign drove significant website traffic, with 2,816 users visiting the website following ad exposure. Moreover, the brand lift study revealed impressive results, including a 14.9% lift in brand awareness, surpassing competitors' national campaigns. Additionally, there was a 3.2% lift in purchase intent, indicating a favorable response to the department's quit-smoking program compared to other stop-smoking ads.


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