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A State Health Insurance Exchange launched an 'Exceptional Circumstance Special Enrollment Period' in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To inform residents about this opportunity and increase enrollments, the Exchange partnered with Strategus for a targeted campaign using connected TV (CTV) ads and Display Retargeting.


The primary goal was to raise awareness of the Special Enrollment Period and drive traffic to the Health Insurance Exchange website for enrollments. With the unprecedented circumstances caused by COVID-19 leading to a surge in uninsured residents, the objective was to swiftly and effectively communicate the availability of the enrollment extension and encourage eligible individuals to sign up for health insurance.


Strategus devised a comprehensive strategy to maximize the impact of the campaign. The initial phase involved a 6-week flight of CTV ads strategically designed to generate broad awareness across the state. These ads targeted individuals in-market for health insurance and those without coverage, effectively reaching the target audience during a critical enrollment period. Following the CTV campaign, a retargeting approach was implemented, serving display ads to users who had previously viewed the CTV ads.


This sequential messaging aimed to reinforce awareness and drive engagement by directing users back to the Health Insurance Exchange website for enrollment. Additionally, the campaign leveraged Post View Website Attribution to track and measure user engagement, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of the ads in driving website visits and enrollments. As a result, the campaign achieved an impressive 18.89% attribution rate, indicating that nearly 20% of users who viewed the ads visited the website for more information. These results underscore the success of the strategic approach in raising awareness, driving site traffic, and increasing enrollments during the extended enrollment period prompted by COVID-19.


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