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Key Results


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Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)

A Ski Resort located in the northeast aimed to attract new skiers and snowboarders to their destination during the ski season, seeking measurable ways to drive traffic to their website and boost ticket sales. Given the resort's regional location, with a focus on the Boston DMA, the challenge was to build brand awareness and entice visitors who could conveniently drive to the resort for a weekend session on the mountain. The resort needed to not only increase its visibility but also track the effectiveness of its efforts to ensure a positive return on investment (ROI).


The primary goal was to drive new visitors to the ski resort, particularly skiers and snowboarders, during the ski season. This involved increasing brand awareness, attracting website traffic, and ultimately generating ticket sales.


Strategus devised a multi-tactic strategy to address the resort's objectives. The approach began with OTT/CTV video ads to enhance brand awareness in the local area, coupled with a cross-device retargeting strategy. This strategy involved serving CTV and digital display ads to users who had previously viewed the OTT/CTV ads, featuring various creative options with compelling call-to-action messages to drive users to the website.


Targeting and Tactics:


  • 3rd Party Audience Targeting: Focused on individuals interested in skiing or snowboarding.
  • Location-Based Conquest: Display ads were targeted at visitors of competitive ski resorts, geo-targeted specifically to the Boston DMA.


Strategus implemented pixel tracking on the resort's website to monitor the impact of the video and display ads on overall site traffic. Additionally, foot traffic to the mountain was tracked directly as a result of the video ads, resulting in 6,857 individual visits. The campaign yielded impressive results, generating a 15x ROI for the resort, translating to $685,700 in revenue. Moreover, the website witnessed a significant increase in visits, with 81,016 users navigating to the client's website.


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