Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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Key Results


Post-View Website Visits


In-Person Visits

A Regional Credit Union partnered with Strategus to execute an 11-week CTV brand campaign aimed at increasing brand awareness and attracting potential new credit union account prospects in two key markets. The campaign targeted prospective customers across various lifestyle segments within specific zip codes surrounding branch locations.


The primary goal was to build brand awareness and increase site visits while driving foot traffic to branch locations.


Strategus employed hypertargeting capabilities to effectively reach prospective credit union customers. The campaign utilized a mix of P$YCLE segments, CTV Website Retargeting, Encore Video Omnichannel RT, and Encore Display Retargeting to engage target audiences and drive desired actions. By leveraging seven P$YCLE Premier Segments, including New Nests, Paying it Down, New Money, and Fiscal Rookies, Strategus ensured precise targeting. Additionally, the campaign utilized Strategus’ Encore Omnichannel strategy to retarget users who viewed the client’s CTV ad with clickable ads on various devices, prompting them to visit the credit union’s website and take action.


The campaign's effectiveness was measured through Post-View Website Visit Attribution, tracking users who engaged with the company site after ad exposure. Over the 11-week period, Strategus tracked 2,158 clicks and identified 72,983 post-view website visits, indicating targeted consumers exposed to the credit union's ad. Furthermore, the campaign successfully generated 4,690 credit union foot traffic visits from consumers who viewed the ad and later visited branch locations.


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