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A nationwide pet supply industry franchisor and operator embarked on a campaign to assess the effectiveness of Connected TV (CTV) advertising in driving ecommerce sales and tracking foot traffic, particularly curbside delivery, to its 14 retail locations. With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping and curbside services became pivotal for the business, necessitating a shift from traditional TV advertising methods that lacked clear ROI tracking.


The primary goal was to boost online sales and increase foot traffic, particularly for curbside delivery, to the retail locations. The franchise aimed to leverage CTV advertising to raise awareness about its ecommerce platform and new curbside delivery service while driving traffic to both online and brick-and-mortar stores


Strategus devised a comprehensive strategy to achieve the campaign objectives. The approach involved building upper-funnel awareness through CTV ads targeting pet owners interested in buying supplies. A retargeting strategy was then implemented, serving display ads with links to the ecommerce site to users who viewed the CTV ads. Key components of the targeting strategy included Look-A-Like Targeting, ACR Data Targeting, and Location-Based Conquesting/Retargeting to reach potential customers effectively. Verifiable tracking methods, including website analytics and foot traffic studies using GPS device matching, were employed to measure campaign effectiveness and attribute sales to ad exposure.


The campaign surpassed expectations by driving 3,810 website visits and generating $93,370 in ecommerce sales. Moreover, 404 customer visits to brick-and-mortar store locations or curbside delivery were attributed to the campaign, resulting in an additional $22,220 in sales. Overall, the campaign generated $115,590 in revenue over a 45-day period, achieving an impressive 490% return on investment (ROI).


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