Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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A national non-profit organization (NPO) collaborated with Strategus to drive donations during the final quarter of the year. The CTV campaign utilized Strategus' Encore Cross-Device Retargeting to deliver clickable Display, Audio, and Online Video ads to potential donors. Targeting criteria included users aged 40 and above with a history of charitable involvement or a propensity for volunteering and philanthropy. The campaign focused on specific zip codes within the top DMAs in the US. Despite a budget of under $20,000 and a duration of less than two months, Strategus successfully attributed over $485,000 in donations, comprising 784 individual contributions from users who interacted with a Strategus ad and later donated to the foundation.


The primary objective of the campaign was to encourage donations to the non-profit organization. Strategus aimed to leverage CTV advertising alongside other marketing strategies to drive charitable contributions, particularly during the Giving Tuesday period—a global initiative celebrated on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving.


Strategus devised a comprehensive, full-funnel approach to the campaign, beginning with CTV ads displayed on large screens, followed by clickable Display, Audio, and Online Video ads. Despite the NPO's restriction on placing tracking pixels on their website, Strategus provided alternative attribution solutions. Utilizing their first-party data attribution solution, which ensures compliance with SOC 2 standards, Strategus matched users from the client's CRM database securely. The timing of the campaign coincided with Giving Tuesday, allowing the creative messaging to align with this global generosity movement.


Targeting efforts were directed towards individuals with a demonstrated inclination towards charitable giving, volunteering, and philanthropy, supplemented by CRM targeting and look-alike modeling based on the non-profit's existing donor list. Despite the campaign's modest budget and short duration, Strategus achieved remarkable results, attributing 784 donations totaling $485,711 from users who engaged with Strategus ads. These outcomes solidified the partnership between the national non-profit organization and Strategus, paving the way for future collaborations.


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