Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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Key Results

Audience Targeting Ad Group


Revenue perimpression

Audience Targeting Ad Group


Revenue per $1 spent

Encore Cross-Device Retargeting Ad Group


Revenue per impression

Encore Cross-Device Retargeting Ad Group


Revenue per $1 spent

Strategus collaborated with a national retailer on a Connected TV (CTV) campaign aimed at increasing both online and in-store sales. The campaign utilized Strategus' Full Funnel CTV Strategy, incorporating Cross Device Retargeting to engage users who had previously viewed a CTV ad and drive results among the retailer's target audience.


The primary objectives were to drive online purchases and increase revenue. To evaluate the efficacy of Strategus' Encore Cross-Device Retargeting product, the retailer conducted a side-by-side Online Video test within the campaign, comparing the performance of audiences targeted with third-party data against those retargeted through Encore Cross-Device Retargeting.


The retailer aimed to assess the effectiveness of Strategus' Encore Omnichannel Retargeting strategy. This approach is built on a CTV-first philosophy, targeting users on the big screen for initial brand exposure and then retargeting them on other devices through display, online video, audio, and more. Corresponding ad groups were created to test the performance of Encore Omnichannel Retargeting against third-party data targeting.


The test revealed significant improvements in both Revenue Per Impression Delivered and Revenue Per $1 Ad Budget Spent with the Encore Omnichannel Retargeting impressions compared to third-party audience targeting. The results demonstrated that the Encore ad group outperformed the third-party data ad group by over 450%, highlighting the effectiveness of the CTV-centric approach to digital advertising.


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